translate the underlined part of the following passage into english:


  i often think that the window is the eye of a house. they say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. with the eyes we see the world, and at the same time they let others see our inner selves – the eyes communicate the movements and turnings of the heart. that is why it is always difficult to figure out the intentions of someone wearing dark glasses. it seems as if we are talking to someone wearing a mask. goethe hated everyone with glasses, saying that they could see the wrinkles on his face, while the dazzling glare of their lenses would prevent him from seeing what was on in their minds.
  a window likewise allows those who are inside to see outside, and also allows outsiders to see inside. that is why those who live in bustling areas need to draw their curtains to protect their privacy. when visiting friends at night, there’s no need to wait until the door is opened to ask if they’re there. similarly, you don’t need to wait for a man to open his mouth to work out what’s on his mind – you can see that from his eyes.
  shutting a window works in the same way as closing one’s eyes. there are many things that can be seen only with the eyes closed. dreams, for instance. if outside there is too much noise and excitement, closing the window will make it easier for the soul to engage in free exploration and quiet contemplation. 
  sometimes closing the eyes is connected to shutting the windows: when you feel that the world outside is so commonplace and unrewarding that you want to go back to your hometown and see relatives and friends from whom you have been long parted, all you have to do is shut the windows before you go to sleep, and close your eyes before you dream.but the windows still cannot be left open all day and all nigh long, since it is still spring, and still cold.