251. I get up at six o'clock. 我六点起床。

  252. I meet the boss himself. 我见到了老板本人。

  253. I owe you for my dinner. 我欠你晚餐的钱。

  254. I really enjoyed myself. 我玩得很开心。

  255. I'm fed up with my work! 我对工作烦死了!

  256. It's no use complaining. 发牢骚没什么用。

  257. She's under the weather. 她心情?;不好。

  258. The child sobbed sadly. 小孩伤心地抽泣着。

  259. The rumor had no basis. 那谣言没有?;根据。

  260. They praised him highly. 他们大大地表扬了他。

  261. Winter is a cold season. 冬天是一个,寒冷的季节。

  262. You can call me any time. 你可以随时打电话给我。

  263. 15 divided by3 equals 5. 15除以3等于5.

  264. All for one,one for all. 我为人人,人人为我。

  265. East,west,home is best. 金窝,银窝,不如自己的草窝。

  266. He grasped both my hands. 他紧握住我的双手。

  267. He is physically mature. 他身体己发育成熟。

  268. I am so sorry about this. 对此我非常抱歉(遗憾)。

  269. I can't afford a new car. 我买不起一部新车。

  270. I do want to see him now. 我现在确实很想去见他。

  271. I have the right to know. 我有权知道。

  272. I heard some one laughing. 我听见有人在笑。

  273. I suppose you dance much. 我想你常常跳舞吧。

  274. I walked across the park. 我穿过了公园。

  275. I'll just play it by ear. 我到时随机应变。

  276. I'm not sure I can do it. 恐怕这事我干不了。

  277. I'm not used to drinking. 我不习惯喝酒。

  278. Is the cut still painful? 伤口还在痛吗?

  279. It's too good to be true! 好得难以置信。

  280. Jean is a blue-eyed girl. 珍是个蓝眼睛的女孩。

  281. Let's not waste our time. 咱们别浪费时间了。

  282. May I ask some questions? 我可以问几个问题吗?

  283. Money is not everything. 金钱不是一切。

  284. Neither of the men spoke. 两个人都没说过话。

  285. Stop making such a noise. 别吵了。

  286. That makes no difference. 没什么区别。

  287. The price is reasonable. 价格还算合理。

  288. They crowned him king. 他们拥立他为国王。

  289. They're in red and white. 他们穿着红白相间的衣服。

  290. We all desire happiness. 我们都想要幸福。

  291. We just caught the plane 我们刚好赶上了飞机。

  292. What shall we do tonight? 我们今天晚上去干点儿什么呢?

  293. What's your goal in life 你的人生目标是什么?

  294. When was the house built? 这幢房子是什么时候建造的?

  295. Why did you stay at home? 为什么呆在家里?

  296. Would you like some help? 今天真漂亮!

  297. You mustn't aim too high 你不可好高骛远。

  298. You're really killing me! 真是笑死我了!

  299. You've got a point there. 你说得挺有道理的。

  300. Being criticized is awful! 被人批评真是痛苦!