201. He has a large income. 他有很高的收入。

  202. He looks very healthy. 他看来很健康。

  203. He paused for a reply. 他停下来等着?;回答。

  204. He repaired his house. 他修理了他的房子。

  205. He suggested a picnic. 他建议搞一次野餐。

  206. Here's a gift for you. 这里有个礼物送给你。

  207. How much does it cost? 多少钱?

  208. I caught the last bus. 我赶上了最后一班车。

  209. I could hardly speak. 我简直说不出话来。

  210. I'll have to try that. 我得试试这么做。

  211. I'm very proud of you. 我为你感到非常骄傲。

  212. It doesn't make sense. 这没有意义(不合常理)。

  213. Make yourself at home. 请不要拘礼。

  214. My car needs washing. 我的车需要洗一洗。

  215. None of your business! 与你无关!

  216. Not a sound was heard. 一点声音也没有。

  217. That's always the case. 习以为常了。

  218. The road divides here. 这条路在这里分岔。

  219. Those are watermelons. 那些是西瓜。

  220. What a nice day it is! 今天天气真好!

  221. What's wrong with you? 你哪里不对劲?

  222. You are a chicken. 你是个胆小鬼。

  223. A lovely day,isn't it? 好天气,是吗?

  224. He is collecting money. 他在筹集资金。

  225. He was born in New York. 他出生在纽约。

  226. He was not a bit tired. 他一点也不累。

  227. I will be more careful. 我会小心一些的,

  228. I will never forget it. 我会记着的。

  229. It is Just what I need. 这正是我所需要的。

  230. It rather surprised me. 那事使我颇感惊讶。

  231. Just around the comer. 就在附近。

  232. Just for entertainment. 只是为了消遣一下。

  233. Let bygones be bygones. 过去的,就让它过去吧。

  234. Mother doesn't make up. 妈妈不化妆。

  235. Oh,you are kidding me. 哦,你别拿我开玩笑了。

  236. She has been to school. 她上学去了。

  237. Skating is interesting. 滑冰很有趣。

  238. Supper is ready at six. 晚餐六点钟就好了。

  239. That's a terrific idea! 真是好主意!

  240. What horrible weather! 这鬼天气!

  241. Which would you prefer? 你要选哪个?

  242. Does she like ice-cream? 她喜欢吃冰淇淋吗?

  243. First come first served. 先到先得。

  244. Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略同。

  245. He has a sense of humor. 他有幽默感。

  246. He is acting an old man. 他正扮演一个老人。

  247. He is looking for a job. 他正在找工作。

  248. He doesn't care about me. 他并不在乎我。

  249. I develop films myself. 我自己冲洗照片。

  250. I felt no regret for it. 对这件事我不觉得后悔。