Part A: Spot Dictation
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear a passage and read the same passage with blanks in it. Fill in each of the blanks with the word or words you have heard on the tape. Write your answer in the corresponding space in your ANSWER BOOKLET. Remember you will hear the passage ONLY ONCE.
Marks & Spencer has a very good reputation for job security and looking after its staff, with things like good perks,_______(1),that sort of thing. Do those things actually_______(2)?I think it is, it is very important. When people have been working_______(3), and they may have been in from seven or eight o'clock in the morning, they can come off the sales floor and can go to _______(4) and obviously they can have tea, coffee, or_______(5),and can then buy at very reduced rates_______(6), if they want one, or a roll and cheese, in pleasant environment,_______(7), food of the highest quality, there're areas where they can_______(8), or play pool or something, yeah, that is very important because they need_______(9). At busy times, they need to get away from it, they need to be able to relax. In terms of all the _______(10) we've got, that is very important, when people know that they will be having medicals, and_______(11) is another thing, obviously there's _______(12)that they will buy which they will be able to buy_______(13). For Christmas bonus, we give all our general staff_______(14) which is guaranteed, and the _______(15)of that, actually, at the busiest time of the year when they're_______(16) and working hard, is fantastic and to see their faces as you_______(17)with 10% of their salary in it... I believe the environment that you work in, _______(18)that you work with, the way you are treated, _______(19), and the fact that your views are listened to, and you feel you are consulted, that makes people _______(20) and makes them get up and come to work in the morning.