Good morning ladies and gentalmen,we nead very honor and delighted,to have with us nearly elected premire Wen Jiabo to meet with you and take a questions.We are also very delighted to have with us the vice premires,Huang Ju,Wu Yi,Zeng Peiyan and Hui Liangyu.Now I would like to first give the floor to Premire Wen.


I'd like to start by introducing my colleges,vice premire Huang Ju


among these all the vice premires,three of them are older than I am.And we are also very fortunate to have one female Vice premire who acturally as you can see add color and light to our podium.


Before I take of your questions,please allow me to use this opportunity to first say a few words to people across the country.


I want to thank the Chinese people for the great trust you place on me. I am a very ordinary person. I come from a family of teachers in the countryside. My grandfather, my father and my mother were all teachers. And my childhood was spent in turmoil of war. Our home was literally burned down by the flames of war, and so was the primary school which my grandfather built with his own hands. The untold suffering in the days of old China left an indelible imprint on my tender mind.


Since becoming a university student majoring in geology, I spent a full 25 years working in the geological field. A good part of it was spent in very tough and harsh conditions. That experience let me know kemly how me how hard life could be and how demanding a job it was to build up our country. But more importantly, that experience filled me with confidence. I firmly believe that, be it a person, a nation or a country, so long as they dare to brave hardships and dangers and not drag fatiging climb, they will eventually reach the luminous summit.


I have been working in Zhongnanhai (headquarters of the central government) for 18 years, which was an important period in China's reform, opening-up and modernization. I have seen with my own eyes under the leadership of comrades Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, China has made remarkable achievements in its reform and opening-up programmes and has undergone a historical transformation. China's development is a project that is extremely great and demanding. Only through reform, opening-up and building socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) can we succeed in bringing about a strong and prosperous China. And only by adhering to a democratic, scientific and responsible spirit can we achieve our objectives. I have been to 1,800 out of a total of 2,500 counties in China which enables me to better know our national conditions and our people's lives. I know what they expect and what their expectations are. I will live up to their trust and I will use the confidence, resolve and strength I have gained from the people to perform my solemn constitutional duties as premier. I will exert all my strength and wisdom. I will dedicate myself completely to the service of the country, and do everything possible to live up to the people's expectation.


Now I'd be happy to take your questions.


I'm from CCTV.First of all,let me congratunation to yor Premire Wen on your election as Premire and our warm congratunation also gives to the Vice Premires.We konw,your are the one of the leading officials of the previous government.Over the past five years, China has accomplished a lot. So we would like to have your comments on the work of the previous government and of Premier Zhu Rongji himself. And with the achievements in the past five years, you now face a more demanding job in developing the economy even further. So what do you think are the major difficulties and challenges for the new government?


The third generation of Chinese leadership, with comrade Jiang Zemin at its core, made an enormous and universally recognized contribution to China's reform, development and stability, and have, through practice, formulated the important thought of the "Three Represents" which is a valuable spiritual asset. The previous government, under the leadership of Premier Zhu, faithfully performed their duties and did a huge amount of remarkable work. The public was satisfied with what they have done.


All of our work will have to be built on what our predecessors have achieved . We will have to be mindful of possible adversities and be prepared for the worst. Actually, I always pay a lot of attention to an ancient motto, that is, one prospers in worries and hardship, and perishes in ease and comfort. Our predecessors have already laid a very good foundation for us. Yet, we are still faced with numerous difficulties and problems ahead which requires innovation and creativity as we press ahead.


The first of the major problem we are faced with is the backward development of agriculture and slow increase of farmers' income. This has seriously constrained the expansion of China's domestic demand.


Second, some enterprises face difficulties in their business operation and the establishment of a modern corporate system would be a long-term task.


Third, the number of laid-off and unemployed workers keeps going up, causing tremendous pressure on the social security system.


Fourth, uneven development between the urban and rural areas and between the eastern and western regions of the country. There are still quite many regions and populations are on their poverty.


Fifth, financial burden is heavy, and the proportion of non-performing assets or non-performing loans is quite high.


Nevertheless, we have at all already built strong material and technological bases as a result of 20 years of reform and opening up. So long as we have the right policies and guidelines, I am confident that under the leadership of CPC Central Committee, with Hu Jintao as general secretary, we will surely overcome all the difficulties and achieve the grand objective of building a well-off society in an all round way.


I'm from DPA.When Premier Zhu Rongji just became premier, he said whatever lies ahead, be it a field of landmines or unfathomable abyss, he will exert all his efforts and contribute all his best to the country until the last minute of his life. Compared with his working style, what are the features of your working style?


I have a lot of respect for Premier Zhu. He has many strong points that I need to learn from him. As for myself, it is generally believed that I am quite mild-tempered. But, at the same time, I am someone who has deeply held convictions, who holds his grounds if it is consistent with his principles and who is confident and courageous enough to take up responsibilities.


Since I became premier, I have been whispering two lines written by Lin Zexu (a patriotic Qing Dynasty official in the 19th century) to myself. And they are: I will do whatever it takes to serve my country even at the cost of my own life, regardless of fortune or misfortune to myself.


This will be the attitude in which I will start my work.