Give the floor to 请…发言;给予发言权

  It is a great pleasure for me to我很荣幸…

  Relevant issues 相关问题

  Updated research result 最新的调查结果

  Attach the importance to 对…给予重视

  Lead-edge technologies领先技术

  Minister Counselor公使

  Natural heritage自然遗产

  Shared concern 共同关心的问题

  Well-deserved reputation良好的信誉

  对…表示衷心的感谢express sincere gratitude to

  请…讲话 Let's welcome to give a speech

  双边会议bilateral conference

  以掌声对…表示的最热烈的欢迎propose the warmest applause to


  颁奖仪式the Award Ceremony

  贺词greeting speech

  隆重举行observe the grand opening of

  请…颁奖 Let's invite to present the award

  取得圆满成功achieve complete ceremony

  全球庆典global celebration ceremony

  宣布…结束 declare the closing of

  请全体起立,奏国歌 Please rise for the national anthem.

  Collective stewardship集体管理

  Competitive job market充满竞争的就业市场

  Financial institutions金融机构


  Gross National Product国民生产总值

  Meet the challenges 迎接挑战