l TWE命题形式
(一) 对立观点式
1、 给出两个对立的事物或者一个事物对立的两个方面,要求考生支持一方并进行说明。(A)
(1) Some people think that parents should plan their children’s leisure time carefully. Other people believe that children should decide for themselves how to spend their free time, which idea do you agree with? Give reasons for your choice.
(2) Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.
(3) Some people tend to study a subject in a very intensive way over a short period of time, while others tend to study a subject constantly over a long period of time. What do you think is a better way of learning? Explain why.
(4) Should the money invested into a university be used to improve the library or to improve the physical training facilities? What do you think? Why?
2、 给出两个对立事物或一个事物对立的两个方面,要求考生说明二者为什么不同或比较它们的优缺点,并给出理由。(B)
(1) Some students participate in school activities such as clubs and sports. Other students do not take part in such activities because they spend more time on their studies. Tell why do you think the two groups of students spend their time differently. Which type of student do you prefer to be? Explain why.
(2) Some people like different friends. Other likes similar friends. Compare the advantages of these two kinds of friends. Which kind of friend do you prefer? Explain why.
(3) Some people pay money for the things they want or need. Other people trade products or goods for what they need. Compare the advantages of these two ways of obtaining things. Which way do you prefer? Explain why.
(4) Some people say that the best way to raise children is to encourage them to be independent thinkers. Others disagree with and say that children need to be taught discipline in order to become successful. Using specific examples, discuss these two opinions. State which one you agree with and why.

1、 给出一个论点,此论点不包括两种事物的比较,要求考生支持或反对并给出理由。(C)
(1) People should never be satisfied with what they have, they should always want something new or something different. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give reasons for your choice.
(2) Some people think studying in a university is worthwhile only because you can get a degree. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give specific reasons to support your answer.
(3) Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Dissatisfaction leads to progress. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
(4) Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: A student’s main purpose in getting an education is to earn a lot of money. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
(5) Games teach people about life. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give specific reasons for your answer.
(6) Some say that the world would be a better place now if the automobile had never been invented. Decide if you agree or disagree with this statement and give specific reason for your decision.
(1) People should be realistic rather than romantic in order to live a better life. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons to support your answer.
(2) Travelling is more important than reading books in order to understand the people and the world. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons to support your answer.
(3) “Fiction (such as short stories or novels) can teach us more about life than textbooks can.” Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons to support your answer.
(4) “It’s better to make wrong decision than make no decision at all.” Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons to support your answer.
(5) Living in big cities has more advantages than living in small towns or countryside. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons to support your answer

(三) 选择观点式
1、 给出一些选项,要求考生选择其中一个或几个并予以说明。(E)
(1) Newspapers contain many information topics such as sports, current events, business and entertainment. Which topic do you like to read most often? Give reasons to explain your answer.
2、 要求考生另外选择论点并给予说明。(F)
(1) Inventions such as eyeglasses and the sewing machine have had an important effect on our lives. Choose another invention that you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.
(2) Sometimes it is fun to think of living in another time and place. If you could experience a different time and place, what time and what place would you choose? Use reasons and specific details to support your answer.
(3) How do movies or TV influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.
(4) Many important natural resources such as water, forests, oil, etc, are running out in the world today. What should we do to protect them? Give specific examples to support your idea about one kind of these resources.
(5) Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

l TWE填空模板

(一) 对立观点式

TOPIC: Some people like A; others like B. Which one do you prefer -- A or B? Give specific reasons and examples to illustrate your answer.
1、 A和B表示选择的两种观点;
2、 CHOOSE A 和CHOOSE B 表示对A、B的选择;
3、 DO C指题目中提及的某件事情,如:Some people prefer A in order to DO C
1 Some people hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways. Others, however, contradict A. Personally, I would prefer ① because I think A has more advantages.There are numerous reasons why ② , and I would in here explain a few of the most important ones. The main reason is that ③ . It can be given a concrete example ④ .Another reason why I advocate the attitude of A is that ⑤ . Take the case of a thing that ⑥ .One very strong argument for A is that ⑦ . This demonstrates the undeniable fact that ⑧ .Of course, choosing B also has advantages to some extent, ⑨ .But if all these factors are contemplated, the advantages of A carry more weight than those of B. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that ⑩ . ①表明自己的观点:赞同A②此处填入赞同A的句子③赞同A的原因之一④举例说明原因之一⑤赞同A的原因之二⑥举例说明原因之二⑦举例说明原因之三⑧表明A的优势⑨列出B的1-2个优势⑩总结观点
2 As students we always face the circumstances: A or B. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. According to my personality and fondness, I would prefer A rather than B.Although ① . There is no evidence to suggest that B is always better than A. What is more, if you see that ② , you can understand it more deeply.Another reason for me to choose A is that ③ . We can see that ④ .Furthermore, ⑤ . So, as I see it, ⑥ . such experience will definitely be helpful in one’s later life. ①B的优势②举例说明选择A的第一个原因③选择A的第二个原因④举例说明选择A的第二个原因⑤选择A的第三个原因⑥总结观点
3 In my point of view, A is as important as, if not more important than, B. So why not choose A.The reasons are quite clear. Above all, ① . Perhaps the most important example of A is that ② .A further reason why I prefer A is that ③ . There is good evidence to show that ④ .The third and very important reason is that ⑤ .Finally, ⑥ .So from what has been discussed, one can reach only this conclusion ⑦ . ①支持A的第一个原因②举例说明原因之一③支持A的原因之二④举例说明原因之二⑤支持A的原因之三⑥支持A的原因之四⑦重申观点
4 No doubt, I choose A, because there are too many benefits that outnumber its disadvantages not to choose it. But B, on the other hand, has advantages no more than its disadvantages.The most important benefit of A is that① .To achieve the same effect, B will ② .Another benefit of A, which B almost cannot achieve, is that③ .Although B also has its seemingly profound advantages, it can only achieved conditionally because④ .After understanding the reasoning above, it is quite safe now to say: to choose A is a wise action. ①A能带来的第一个好处②B带来的坏处比如:浪费很多东西,如时间,金钱等③A能带来的第二个好处④B的局限性
5 To choose A or choose B is something of a dilemma to the public because they sometimes are confused by the seemingly good qualities of A, and neglect the genuinely good aspects of B.For A, people are often driven to believe that① , and do not notice its intrinsic harming characteristic that② .Another disastrous fact is that the innate quality of B is unconsciously overlooked. For B, ③ .In fact, ④ .Furthermore, ⑤ .Now, after close examination, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that only choosing B is sensible. ①A的表面好处②A的害处③B的好处不容易被人发现的原因④B的内在好处⑤B的另一个好处
6 Upon to the question that which is better, A or B, people have different opinion about it. A has its advantages, but at the mean time, it has many disadvantages, too. In my point of view, I would prefer B. There are many instances supporting my view.First, we could take as examples. ① . Clearly, ② .In addition, ③ . For example, ④ . As it turned out, ⑤ .Nowadays, ⑥ . It is a fact that⑦ .Finally, the point I am trying to make is that ⑧ . ①举例说明第一个原因②支持B的第一个原因③支持B的第二个原因④举例说明原因之二⑤B的正面结果⑥举例说明原因之三⑦支持B的第三个原因⑧重申观点
7 Some peoples believe A. These people point out the fact that① . However, other people believe B. They point out that ② . They say that ③ .As far as I am concerned, my preference is for A.The main reason why I prefer A is that④ . We can see that ⑤ .A more personal reason why I like A is that⑥ . As I remember, ⑦ .A is superior in another way, that is⑧ because that ⑨ .As a matter of fact, there are also some disadvantages in A, such as ⑩ . But these can be compensated by its advantages. So, in comparison with B, A is surely a clever choice. ①支持A的原因②支持B的原因③进一步阐述④支持A的第一个原因⑤举例说明原因之一⑥支持A的第二原因⑦举例说明原因之二⑧支持A的第三原因⑨举例说明原因之三⑩列举A的劣势
8 In a modern society, people have the freedom to choose A or B. Although they are normally coexist peacefully, they deserve some close examination.If three criteria were taken into account, in comparing these two, I would prefer A.First of all, ① .Another reason is that ② .The third reason, however, goes this way: ③ .In conclusion, it must be explained that these three reasons sometimes intertwine to form an organic whole and thus become more persuasive than any one of them. Then any thinking person must agree that④ . ①支持A的第一个原因及事例②支持A的第二个原因及事例③支持A的第二个原因及事例④A是最佳选择
9 I can present many examples that are very common in our lives. ① . I can say that if you have no experience like these, your life is an inadequate one. In my point of view, I like A much more than B.The first reason can been seen by every person. ② . To illustrate this, there is an examples that is very persuasive: ③ .The second reason for my propensity for A is that④ . I now still remember that ⑤ .Furthermore, ⑥ .B is somewhat important as well. ⑦ . Nonetheless, I still prefer A, for⑧ . ①列举一些支持A的现象②支持A的第一个原因③举例说明原因之一④支持A的第二个原因⑤举例说明原因之二⑥支持A的第三原因⑦列举B的优势⑧重申观点
10 Considering the social atmosphere today, it is not a time to CHOOSE A. It is high time to CHOOSE B. The fact that ① is what I wish to emphasize.Those who object to this idea forget a universal truth --② . As I remember ③ .In addition, ④ . An instance that accompanies this reason is that⑤ . On the other hand, ⑥ .Finally, ⑦ .So if we take a careful consideration, it is not difficult to get the conclusion: ⑧ . ①表明自己的观点:支持B②支持B的第一个原因③举例说明原因之一④支持B的第二个原因⑤举例说明原因之二⑥从反面论证B的优势⑦支持B的第三个原因⑧总结观点
11 It is often difficult for people to decide whether to CHOOSE A or CHOOSE B. But for us students, the advantages of A always outweigh the disadvantages. Those who object A claim that ① .Although at first glance these arguments sound reasonable and appealing, they are not borne out by a careful consideration. ② .In addition, ③ . As a result, ④ .Finally, the incomparable advantages of A is that⑤ .From the above, I think A has a lot of advantages comparing with B. So ⑥ . ①反对A的理由②支持A的第一个原因并举例说明③支持A的第二个原因并举例说明④A的优势⑤支持A的第三个原因并举例说明⑥重申观点
12 Normally, A and B are the two basic ways in which people DO C. Some people like them both. Others enjoy A and still others prefer B. As far as I am concerned, I vote for the latter. There are no less than three advantages in B as rendered below:First, we can observe easily that in modern society, ① .There is another obvious advantage for B, that is ② .The third, not the last is that ③ .Only these three reasons can make a person draw the conclusion that ④ , not to mention there are more. ①提出B的第一个优势,并举例说明②提出B的第二个优势,并举例说明③提出B的第三个优势,并举例说明 ④总结观点
13 One of the difficult questions that many people are today facing across the world is whether to CHOOSE A or CHOOSE B. More and more, B is seem as the main method in DOING C. Yet there are some people who cast serious doubts on B, and who are prepared to argue with B. But I would have to say that, if I were faced with the decision, I would probably follow the contemporary trend and choose B.On one hand, they offer new ways that can serves substitutes to the traditional, basic method of DOING C. It is claimed that① . For example, ② .On the other hand, ③ . Now, ④ .Another reason that I prefer B is that⑤ . An good example of this is last month⑥ .It is obvious for us to conclude that ⑦ . ①支持B的第一个原因②举例说明原因之一③支持B的第二个原因④举例说明原因之二⑤支持B的第三个原因⑥举例说明原因之三⑦重申观点

2、 给出两个对立事物或一个事物对立的两个方面,要求考生说明二者为什么不同或比较它们的优缺点,并给出理由。(B)
TOPIC: Some people believe that A while others consider B more appropriate. Give advantages and disadvantages of the two positions and explain which position you support.
1 A and B are two totally different ideas that have caused heated debate over a long period of time. Anyway, I agree with the idea of A. However, it is unfair to say which is better than the other if we do not see both sides of the story in the following paragraphs.Some people believe B because① . These people point out the fact that② . They also argue that③ .However, other people stand on a very different ground, they believe that④ . They firmly point out that⑤ .An example can give the details of this argument: ⑥ . In addition, ⑦ .In a word, A is too tempting not to be chosen. A, as shown above, has⑧ . ⑨ . ①人们支持B的第一个原因②进一步阐述③人们相信B的第二个原因④支持A的第一个原因⑤进一步阐述 ⑥举例说明第一原因⑦支持A的第二原因⑧选择A的第一个好处⑨选择A的第二个好处
2 Some people believe that① . Other people take the view that② . While both methods may have their advantages and disadvantages, they can be applied under different circumstances. Afterwards, I will explain my opinion about it.For A, ③ .But this also demonstrate that ④ .Moreover, ⑤ .B, on the other hand, ⑥ . For example, ⑦ .In my opinion, the advantages of B are more than those of A because B fits me better in two ways: First⑧ . Second⑨ . ①人们的第一种观点②人们的第一种观点③A的一个优势④A所隐含的劣势⑤A的一个大缺点⑥B的一个明显的优势⑦举例说明此优势⑧对我来讲,B的第一个优势⑨对我来讲,B的第二个优势

TOPIC: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? AAA. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.
1agree Before rendering my opinion, I think it is important to take a glance at the arguments on both sides. People who support AAA usually give some, even all of the following reasons. The first is that① .The second is that② .Third, ③ .Generally, people who attack AAA claim that④ . They also often say that there will be problems of⑤ .As far as I am concerned, I come to the notion that there are three main reasons why I support AAA. Firstly, ⑥ . Secondly, ⑦ . Furthermore, ⑧ . ①人们支持AAA的第一个原因②人们支持AAA的第二个原因③人们支持AAA的第三个原因④反对AAA结论的第一个原因⑤反对AAA结论的第一个原因,填上如果选择AAA会带来的问题⑥我支持AAA的第一个原因⑦我支持AAA的第二个原因 ⑧我支持AAA的第三个原因
2disagree I disagree with AAA for numerous reasons. The first and foremost reason is① . AAA may have some advantages, ② . There may be nothing wrong with these, and they can be easily understood by many people, but③ .AAA has also had a bad effect on ④ .Another innate characteristic of AAA is⑤ . In addition, ⑥ .Finally, it seems to be true that AAA ⑦ , but⑧ .AAA has done may good things. ⑨ . However, we also cannot deny that⑩ . ① 反对AAA的第一个原因② AAA的优势③这些优势里所隐含的劣势④AAA一个重大缺点⑤AAA一个不好的本质特点⑥AAA另外一个不好的特点⑦AAA看起来的一个优点⑧实际上是它的一个缺点,把这个缺点填在此处⑨AAA的确是有贡献的,把贡献填在这里⑩AAA的确是不好的
3agree Many of the world’s religions share a belief that AAA. I agree with the above statement because one can clearly see ① .History presented many examples of AAA. ② .On a personal level, ③ . It even might be said that ④ . Sometimes, for instance, ⑤ .Whatever may be or have been said, most people would hold this as a general truth: ⑥ .To take the idea further, ⑦ .I agree with the above statement because I believe that ⑧ . ①AAA的好处②历史上,支持AAA的例子③我对AAA的看法④我对AAA更深一层次的看法⑤举例支持我的看法⑥AAA的好处⑦对AAA的好处进行进一步阐述⑧重申观点
4disagree There is no need for me to put any emphasis on what the advantages of AAA are. ① . Many people believe that ② .However, I disagree with the title statement because I consider ③ .On the other hand, one of the notorious disadvantages of AAA is that ④ . The modern example of this is ⑤ . So if this is prevalent, ⑥ .Another factor shows that ⑦ .So, as I see it, ⑧ . ①AAA明显的优势②很多人支持此观点的原因③ AAA的缺点之一,并举例说明④AAA的缺点之二⑤举例说明这个缺点⑥这个缺点所带来的坏处⑦AAA的缺点之三⑧重申观点
5agree I think the statement is true. It is human nature to ① . There are many instances in our daily life that can verify this.We can take② as an example. ③ .④ follows the same pattern. ⑤ .Good or bad, if considered seriously, ⑥ . ①支持上述观点AAA②一个例子③详细阐述此例,以证明AAA④另一个例子⑤再进行阐述⑥总结观点
6agree I do strongly support the idea that AAA. This I support with the following reasons..As we know, firstly, ① . A small example could give some light to this point. It is said that ② .Under some circumstances, the deviation of AAA would be potentially harmful, or at least, unpredictable in its results. For instance, ③ . I illustrate this extreme example just in an attempt to state one thing clearly: ④ .Last, but not least, ⑤ . In order to see this point clearly, let us to see an example: ⑥ .So, based on the above discussion, I agree with the opinion that ⑦ . ①支持AAA的第一个原因② 举例说明原因之一③ 举一事例④支持AAA的第二原因⑤支持AAA的第三原因⑥举例说明原因之三⑦重申观点
7disagree This problem is a much debated one in that it affects everybody in their daily lives. People may prefer one to another, although some have no opinion about it. But if I am concerned, I can only disagree with the title statement and the reasons are give below.With reference to ① , the reason why I disagree with AAA is that ② .Second, because ③ . As a result, ④ .Finally, ⑤ .Again, I would state my objection to this issue after analyzing the three reasons. ⑥ . ①反对AAA的一个侧面②反对AAA的第一个原因③反对AAA的第二个原因④ 原因之二造成的后果⑤ 反对AAA的第三个原因,并举例说明⑥总结观点
8agree The title statement is the focus in these days and any speech about it would surely strike the top lines of most newspapers. To agree or disagree with it is a matter of balancing between its pros and cons.But if one has considered the following perspectives, he/she could only agree with the title statement as I do.First, if this statement is applied to ① , it is very clear that ② . Then, one can only agree that ③ .Moreover, ④ . This can be only brought by ⑤ , exclusively. Any deviation form it will cause manipulation of the good.It is true that whether AAA is right is still not answered. But it can be only a matter of time in the future, I think. ①一个侧面②从这个侧面引出第一个原因③支持AAA④AAA能带来的好处⑤这个观点
9agree For the purpose of consciously saying yea or nay to the given statement, I could first give you the following examples.In certain circumstances, for instance, ① .Then, it is only inconsiderate to say “ I disagree with AAA”.I can give you another illustration about it. ② . Didn’t it bring benefit to you?These examples are only illustrations, there’s a deeper theory underlying the problem, that is, ③ .Once you have known all of these, you must agree with me that AAA is right. ① 举例说明AAA能带来的第一个好处② 举例说明AAA能带来的第二好处③说明此观点的第三个好处
10agree I totally agree with this statement, and I will explain why this is the case. The first and most important reason is that it is human nature to ① . If you just look around, you will always see ② . For instance, ③ .Another reason why I agree with AAA is that ④ .In fact, a good example of this is that ⑤ . Moving on to wider themes, ⑥ .It is very clear that ⑦ . There is no question in my mind that ⑧ . ①支持AAA的第一个原因②此原因带来的正面结果③举例说明第一个原因⑤支持AAA的第二个原因⑥ 举例说明原因之二⑥支持AAA的第三个原因⑦总结观点⑧重申观点

TOPIC: A is superior to B in DONG C. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons to support your point of view
1disagree I completely disagree with this statement that choosing A has more advantages than choosing B. And I would like to present two explanations to confirm you that I am right.First of all, ① . Generally, ② . Let me give you an example: ③ . Thus, proving my point, ④ .The second thing that must be taken into consideration when choosing A or B is that ⑤ . As I have said, ⑥ . Finally, the point I am trying to make is that it is not better to choose A than choose B in that ⑦ .In sum, ⑧ . ①支持B的第一个原因②进一步阐述支持B的原因③举例说明原因之一④填入一句支持B的句子⑤支持B的第二原因⑥进一步阐述支持B的第二原因⑦支持B的第三个原因⑧总结观点
2 Something we all cannot neglect as we get older is to accept the opinions of others. On the question whether it is better to CHOOSE A or CHOOSE B, I have long admitted that A has a strong argument. Privately, however, ① . I disagree with the above statement and support the superiority of B.Although ② . There is no evidence to suggest that ③ . What’s more, ④ . Similarly, it has been said that ⑤ . To be sure, ⑥ .Another reason why I secretly dispute the statement above is that I am very sure that ⑦ . For instance, ⑧ .To take the point above to an extreme, ⑨ .For me, A could never equal B. ⑩ . ①提出自己的观点:支持B②A具备的优势③A胜于B④A的一个缺点⑤A的第二缺点⑥支持B⑦支持B的另一个原因⑧举例说明⑨举出一个极端的例子来支持B⑩A和B的比较,总结观点
3agree This controversy describes the dilemma faced by many people. In my opinion, I agree with the above statement that A is superior than B in DOING C.It is an obvious fact that ① . For example, ② .Perhaps another reason why A is superior to B lies in the fact that ③ . An example to show this can be found in the story that ④ .Let’s bring our discussion here to a more present and practical context. In today’s world, ⑤ . This may explain why A is better than B. On the other hand, a common sense goes that ⑥ .We can conclude from the foregoing reasons and examples that ⑦ . ①赞同A比B好的第一个原因②举例说明原因之一③A比B好的第二原因④举例说明永远之二⑤再举一个事例进行说明⑥B的劣势⑦总结观点

TOPIC: In order to do XXX, there are many ways: A, B, C, D……. Which do you choose? Give specific reasons and examples to illustrate your answer.
1 How to do XXX? Whether the traditional methods such as A, B and so on or the modern method for example C and D has its advantages and disadvantages. Which you prefer depends on your own experience, life style and emotional concern. I prefer C most in my point of view. Then I prefer C, there are, three advantages of C as follows:This can trace back to my childhood. Once with curiosity, I ① .Yet for another reason is that ② . I can quote a common example. ③ .Then why I do not like others? For example, why I do not like A? Because I have a bad experience with it. ④ . So, even when anyone mentioned it, I will catch a feeling of fear. There are still many other reasons that can account for my fondness for it, but the obvious ones have been presented as above. ⑤ . ① 喜欢C的第一个原因②喜欢C的第二个原因③举一个例子支持第二个原因④举例说明⑤重申观点
2 It seems, in so many items, very difficult to prefer one to another because all of them have their advantages and disadvantages to the extent that it is hard to distinguish. Yet that does not mean they are of the same to me. To be frank, I would prefer A if personal quality is considered as a criterion to choose things.Then why I prefer A? I like it because it can ① , thus make me ② .There’s another reason why I choose A, in terms of ③ , ④ . No wonder, it again brings me convenience that I cannot get if I choose any one of the others.That last reason is that ⑤ .In conclusion, everybody want to choose the one that fits him/her. So, it is of great benefits of me to choose ⑥ . ①支持A的第一个原因②它所带来的好处③一个侧面④支持A的第二个原因⑤支持A的第三个原因⑥重申观点