Many people think that countries have a moral obligation to help each other, while other argue that the aid money is misspent by the governments that receive it, so the international aid should not be given to the poor countries in the world. Discuss the two views of international aid, and give your opinion.

With the process of economic globalization, many countries and regions have strengthened cooperation and liaison in the fields of industry, agriculture, trade and finance. In order to dedicate to the mutual development, many developed countries spare no effort to help the poor countries by means of technological, medical and financial aid, which, to my mind, is quite essential to the development of the world. (64 words)

Firstly, aids from developed countries optimize people's living standard and eradicate poverty in the poor countries. Due to the backwardness of science and technology, people in some undeveloped countries and regions such as Africa, Latin America and Asia suffer a great deal from poverty, hunger and the scarce of water. International aids from developed countries have improved their living environment and helped them with the development of agriculture, industry and economy. (70 words)

Secondly, international aids give good medical care and help promote hygienic condition in the poor countries. Malaria(虐疾), cholera(霍乱) and smallpox(天花)were once severe threats to people's health. With the help of the World Health Organization and some developed countries, these diseases have been eliminated soon and the residents in the infected areas survived these deadly diseases, which would have devoured millions of lives without international aid.(78 words)

Finally, aids to the undeveloped countries in turn benefit the donators. Due to the limitation of natural and human resources, the production cost rises sharply in the developed countries. With a view to reducing cost, many countries transferred their assembly lines and production bases to the developing countries, which not only solves the problem of low rate of employment in the developing countries but also make full use of the local resources. (72 words)

Nevertheless, some countries are showing great concern about the mal-expense of their aid aroused by bureaucracy and corruption of some governments. Therefore, the governments should take effective measures to utilize international aids reasonably and prevent abuse. Only with the help of international aids, can our world develop more quickly and prosperously. (323 words totally)