Reading Newspapers【看报纸】


Newspapers are an encyclopedia of current events. Through the help of newspapers, we come to understand the world without having to travel to the places where important events have taken place. But a newspaper more than carries simple news items, it also provides, in different sections, instructions on such things as first aid, cooking, playing the chess and taking pictures. Thus besides making us acquainted with the world, reading newspapers can also widen our scope of knowledge. Everybody should read newspapers.


I get up early every morning in order to have a quiet time to do things I like, such as writing letters, reading newspapers, listening to music and so on. You will be surprised to know that the newspaper which I read early every morning is always from the previous day. This is because, as a married woman who holds a regular job, I am busy with my work from morning till night, and during the only hour which belongs to me the newspaper-boy hasn't delivered the day's paper yet. Nevertheless, I still enjoy reading my newspaper. Besides domestic and international news on economy, politics, and cultural activities, there are also amusing cartoons, interesting stories and a wonderful literary section. Reading my newspaper early in the morning makes me fell good for the whole day.


Reading newspaper every day has become a habit to me. As a student, I have no time to watch TV news. Accordingly, reading newspapers becomes the only way for me to learn about things which have happened around the world. The newspapers, however, do not only carry the latest world news, they also give us a great deal of useful knowledge. Reading newspapers is, in my opinion, a must for a modern man.


I make it a rule to read the newspaper every day. As a student, I have no time to watch news programs on TV. Besides, watching television takes up a lot of time. Consequently, reading the newspaper becomes the only way for me to learn about what's happening around the world.