1. America  n.美利坚合众国,美洲
2.Africa n.非洲(略为Afr.)
3.Canada  ?n.?  加拿大
4.propaganda  ?n.? ①ideas, false or true information, etc. spread about officially, esp. by a government宣传,传播 ②organs for propaganda宣传机构
5.panda ?n.? a large bearlike animal with black and white fur, originally from China 大熊猫
6.agenda n. things to be done; business to be discussed at a meeting (会议)议程,日程,待议事项
 词根ag意思为“做”(do, act),-end是名词后缀,-a表示复数。ag做+-end名词后缀+-a复数→agenda→things to be done待做的事项→会议上待议的事项→议事日程。-a表示复数以-a结尾的词:phenomena现象(复数)→phenomenon现象(单数);data资料(复数)→datumn资料(单数)
【典型例句】 Now, let’s come to item No.5 on the agenda. 现在让我们讨论议事日程上的第五项。
 7.soda  ?n.?
①chemical substance in common use, a compound of sodium苏打 ②soda?water苏打水,汽水
8.idea ?n.? a plan, thought, or suggestion for a possible course of action计划,主意,念头
【典型例句】Somebody had the bright idea  of recording the meeting. 有人想出了为会议录音的好主意。?
【常用词组】 have no idea不知道,无能为力/not one’s
 idea of 对…无想法/put ideas in someone’s head使某人存奢望。
9.plea  ?n.? ①an eager or serious request恳求,请求 ②an excuse辩解,托词
【典型例句】 Their plea  of national poverty rings a little hollow.他们关于国家贫困的托辞听上去有些空洞。
【常用词组】 cop a plea承认有罪以求轻判
10.pea n.? a round green seed, used for food豌豆
【常用词组】 as like as two peas一模一样
11.area   n. ①surface measure, extent of surface面积  ②part of the earth’s surface; region地区,地域
12.sea ?n.? expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface and encloses its continents
 and islands; any part of this海,洋
【常用词组】 by sea乘船,由海路 / on the sea在海边,临海 / at sea在海上,茫然,迷惑 / a sea of
一大片,大量的 / follow the sea当海员,做水手
13.nausea ?n.? feeling of sickness (esp as caused by bad food) or disgust; seasickness作呕,恶心,晕船
14.tea ?n.? ①evergreen shrub grown in China, India, etc.茶叶 ②drink made by pouring boiling water o
n these leaves茶 ③a small meal, usu. served in the afternoon with a cup of tea午后茶点
与tea有关的词:tea green茶绿色;teakettle茶壶;tea?strainer滤茶器;tea tray茶盘;teaspoon茶匙
15.sofa ?n.? large comfortable padded seat with raised arms and back, wide enough for two or more people沙发
16.encyclopadia/?encyclopedia n.? book, or set of books, giving information about every branch of knowledge or on subject, with articles in ABC order.百科全书
17.India  ?n.? the country of Indian印度
18.Australia  n.澳大利亚,大洋洲
19.Oceania ?n.? the islands of the central and south Pacific, including Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and some times Australasia and the Malay Archipelago大洋洲
20.pneumonia n.? a serious disease of the lungs with inflammation and difficulty in breathing肺炎