Oct. 19 - Orlando Magic's NBA China game against the China Team All-star would definitely have been different if Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian had been able to join their teammates, said Magic coach Jeff van Gundy after his team winning it 116-92 Thursday. 

"Obviously if you add Yao and Yi, that gives them two very very talented NBA caliber guy and the whole game would change," he said, adding that the Chinese did a good job at the start and that the second half of the match was "very competitive." 

Orlando Magic maintained a comfortable lead of around 20 points most of the time, while the hosts, which included virtually all of the Chinese national team's key players plus three foreign players, only took the lead for once after scoring four three-pointers to go ahead 12-3 shortly after the start. 

Former NBA player Wang Zhizhi had 16 points and 7 rebounds for China after 22 minutes on court, adding to a technical foul resulting from his complaining about one of his four personal fouls. 

Head coach of the Chinese national team Jonas Kazlauskas blamed the unsatisfactory performance of Team China on bad timing. 

He had just been able to hustle together all the team members just one day ahead of the game and they were only able to play together with the three alternative centers from overseas in the morning, he said. 

"It would be difficult for the team members if I expect more," Yonas said. 

Orlando, which traveled to China's southern special administrative region of Macao after Wedensday's preseason game against Cleveland Cavaliers in Shanghai, is yet to play Cavaliers on Saturday. 

Van Gundy has said the trip to China could serve as an opportunity to test team capacity for back-to-back games. 

All-Star player Dwight Howard, who had 12 points and four rebounds in the 13 minutes on court, rested on the bench throughout the second half and said after the game that he was trying to adjust himself to tiredness as Magic played its second game in as many days.