Chinanews, Chongqing, October 19 – Many girls in Chongqing are not satisfied with dances and yoga any more. Instead, their current favorite sport is more exciting and “violent”: martial arts including taekwondo and karate. 

Zhang Jin, the owner of a garment shop, practices taekwondo twice a week. “I like Korean culture, so I choose taekwondo, but I practice it only for losing weight,” said Zhang. She started her business 4 years ago after graduating from college. Since then she has put on a lot of weight. 

“I was deeply impressed by the hot spirit of taekwondo when I first stepped into the gym, and I can meet so many people of my age here,” said Zhang. Last month, Zhang was awarded the blue belt in the test hosted by the district sports administration. 

“I was surprised to find there were so many female practitioners after we opened the taekwondo course,” said Wang, the director of the gym. 

In fact, taekwondo is not only good for losing weight, but also a good way of relieving pressures. No wonder so many girls love it. 

Besides taekwondo, other martial arts have also won the heart of girls in Chongqing.