Yi Jianlian shows his talent in grabbing rebounds on the NBA court, but the player is unable to save the Bucks from a defeat to Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, October 17, 2007.   Oct. 18 - Chinese NBA rookie Yi Jianlian slashed nine points in a Milwaukee Bucks' 104-78 defeat to Denver Nuggets on Wednesday.  

The brightest spot of the 7-foot-6 player's achievements in the game was his 7 rebounds, a record high number in the past four matches.  

The Bucks were vigorous in offensive after the game began, but the players failed to shoot straight and lagged behind 22-26 by the end of the first quarter.  

To everyone's surprise, the four-point gap was the nearest distance in the match that Yi and his teammates could never move within in the following time.  

The Nuggets made it 49-43 by half time and hammered the edge with 82-58 before the final period that ended with performance between substitute players from the two sides.