Chinanews, Beijing, Oct 30 – People who want to come to Beijing to see the 2008 Olympic Games shouldn't worry about a shortage of hotel bedspace in Beijing. Information shows that the number of bedspace available during the Olympic Games will be twice the number of audiences coming to Beijing. Everyone will have a room to live in, said Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Beijing Morning Post reported. 

During the 2008 Olympic Games, about 333,000 visitors will come to Beijing. According to the latest publicized figures, by September 2007, there were altogether 5,780 hotels in Beijing and these hotels could provide units of 646,400 beds in total, nearly double the number of the expected audiences. Of these hotels, there were 735 star-graded hotels, which could provide about 200,000 beds. In addition, there were 5,045 small inns which could provide 430,000 beds. Besides these operating hotels and inns, there are about 100 hotels which are being built or graded at present, which, when completed, can provide additional 50,000 beds, said Xiong Yumei, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau. 

With regard to the room price, an issue that many people are concerned with, Xiong said the room price would follow market rules. Since there are sufficient hotel beds, there is no need to worry that hotel price will be set at an extraordinarily high level. Right now, some hotels charge a high price for room reservation for the Olympic Games. In response to this, Xiong said the price was only the initial information that customers got on the phone, but it might go down based on market demand. 

“It is expected that by the first half of next year, the number of star-graded hotels in Beijing will further rise to 800,” Xiong finally noted.