Chinanews, Beijing, October 29 – According to Jiang Xiaoyu, vice chairman of the BOCOG, Beijing will take 5 measures to guarantee the quality of air during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. 

First, some of the enterprises will be closed or relocated during the Games, or their production will be limited so as to control the emission of waste gas. 

Second, a stricter standard for automobile exhaust will become effective in 2008, and small boiler (under 20 tons) will be shut down by then. 

Third, some of the automobiles might not be allowed to travel on the road during the Games, as a similar policy had proved to be effective during the Good Luck Beijing – the Olympic test period this year. 

Fourth, Beijing will sign contracts with neighboring regions, requiring them to help control air pollution. 

Last but not least, Beijing is conducting its 13th campaign against air pollution, particularly to control industrial pollution and dust emission.