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What is the area of the triangle in the figure above?

  1. 4.0

  2. 7.5

  3. 8.0

  4. 8.5

  5. 15.0



Correct Answer: B

Here's Why:

Figures in a Coordinate Plane
The figure provides all the information you need to answer the question.

What Is the Question Asking?
You are asked to figure out the area of a triangle that is defined by the points in a coordinate plane.

What Do You Know?
The triangle in the figure is a right triangle with the right angle at the lower left.

Because it is a right triangle, its base and height are the two sides that form the right angle.

The area of a triangle is 1 over 2bh.

The base of the triangle extends from point (0, 0) to point (5, 0). So it is 5 units long.

The height of the triangle extends from point (0, 0) to point (0, 3). So it is 3 units long.

Area = 1 over 2bh

= 1 over 2(3)(5)

= 1 over 2(15)

= 7.5

Difficulty: Medium

Question Type: Standard Multiple Choice