94 do a survey of   做某方面的调查
95 do better in   在……方面做得更好
96 do wrong  做错 
97 Don't forget to do sth  不要忘了做某事
98 Don't mind +doing /从句 /名词    不要介意……
99 each +名(单)每一个……    eg : Each student has many books  每一个学生都有一些书
100 end up +doing  
101 enjoy +doing  喜欢
102 escape from  从……逃跑  
   eg: The prisoners have escaped from the prison  犯人从监狱里逃跑出来
Some gas is escaping from the pipe  有一些气体从管子里冒出
103 expect to do sth  期待做某事
104 fall down  摔下来      fall off  从哪摔下来
105 fall in love with sb /sth     爱上什么
106 far from  离某地远    eg : The school is far from my home  
107 find +it +adj +to do 发现做某事怎么样
108 find sb/sth +adj   发现什么怎么样?   eg : I find the book interesting 
109 finish 完成+doing(名词)
110 fit to sb = be fit for sb  适合某人
111 forget to do 没有做而忘了     forget doing  做了而又忘了    eg: Don't forget to go home      I forget closing door  
112 from…to…  从某某到某某    eg: From me for her  
113 get /have sth down   做完,被(别人)做……     
    eg: I have my hair cut  我理了发(头发被剪了)   
         Tom got his bad tooth pulled out  汤母把他的坏牙拔掉了(被牙医拔掉了)
114 get a part-time job  = find a part-time  job
115 get along well with sb = get on well with sb   与某人相处得好
116 get along with sb = get on with sb 与某人相处
117 get ready for = be ready for   为什么而准备    eg : I get ready for math       I am ready for math    
118 get sb in to trouble   给某人麻烦
119 get sb to do sth
120 get…from… 从某处得到某物
121 give a talk  做报告  eg:  He is give a tall
122 give sth to sb       give sb sth   给某人某物
123 go fish  钓鱼   go swimming  游泳
124 go on to do  去做下一件事       go on doing  继续做这件事
125 go out away from       go out of   
126 go to school   上学(用于专业的)   go to the school   去学校(不一定是上学) 
127 good way to  好方法
128 hate to do  讨厌没做过的事     hate doing    讨厌做过的事 
129 have a party for sb    举办谁的晚会
130 have a talk   听报告   谈一谈  
131 have been doing   现在完成进行时      eg :  You have been talking        You have been sleeping since  
132 have been to …(  地方)……去过某过地方          have gone to …(地方)  去了某地还没回来
133 have fun +doing  玩得高兴
134 have sth to do  有什么事要做  
    eg: I have a lot of homework to do  我有很多家庭作业要做     
         I have nothing to do  我没什么事情做
135 have to do sth   必须做某事
136 have trouble (problem) (in) doing sth  做什么事情有麻烦
137 have…time +doing   
138 have…(时间)…off   放……假   eg: I have month off  我请一个月得假
139 hear sb +do/doing  听见某人做某事/正在做某事
140 help a lot    很大用处
141 help sb with sth one's sth  帮助某人某事(某方面)  help sb (to) do sth  帮助某人做某事
142 hope to do sth   希望做某事
143 How about(+doing) = What about(+doing)
144 how do you like  = what do you think of     你对什么的看法
145 if : 是否=wether   
    eg: I don't know if (wether) I should go to the party  我不知道我是否应该去参加晚会
         He don't know if (wether) we will arrive on time  tomorrow morning  他不知道我们明天早上是否能准时到达
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