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Harry Potter, The Box-office Magic

    The screen version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has performed magic at the box office. Breaking records in the United States and Britain in the first of  its release, the film is estimated to have taken more than $90 million in the US, that is 20 million more than the previous record set by Jurassic Park.

    At Rockville in Maryland, the Raymond family got some of the last tickets of the day to see Harry Potter.

    This cinema is showing the film onfour screens, and since Friday, they’ve almost all been sold out. 2,500 tickets were bought before the movie even opened. The British boy wizard is already a huge star here.

Young Viewer: I like him because I read the books, and I think it’s really exciting.

    And Harry Potter has worked his magic. Even the producers can’t believe it. The films made $30 million on each of the last three days.

    It’s little wonder that Harry Potter has made record ticket sales. It’s showing at more than 8,000 screens right across the country. But the real test will be, do children want to come and see it time and time again because that’s what it’s going to take if Harry Potter is to beat Titanic and be come the biggest grossing movie of all time.

    And the hero of Hogwarts has every chance of doing just that. Teenagers to toddlers, Harry Potter has America spellbound.

     Catherine Marston, BBC News, Rockville. 


Hogwarts: 全称是霍格沃茨魔法学校(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry),是一个虚拟的学校,主角哈利·波特即在这里学习魔法。

toddler: n. 初学走路的孩子 

spellbound: a. 被咒语所镇住的;着迷的。