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Fastest Woman Sailor Gets Hero’s Welcome

    The round-the-world yachtswoman, Ellen MacArthur has spent her first night on land after her record breaking performance in the Globe Vendee Challenge. She’s received a hero’s welcome when she crossed the races finish line in second place last night.

   Her boat broken but her spirit unbowed, 24-year old Ellen MacArthur sailed into the record books. Tens of thousands of people watched her cross the finish line to become the fastest woman to sail around the world on her own. The last few days have been the most grueling. When her rigging was damaged, her chances of winning ended. But even though she had to reduce her speed, she still increased her lead on her closest rival to arrive a comfortable second. Looking confident and clearly excited by the extraordinary welcome from the crowds, her composure broke just once when she was given three cheers as she stepped off the boat that had been her whole world for 94 days.

   Jane O'Brien- BBC News, Les Sables d’Olonne 


yacht: 帆船,快艇                                 

unbowed: 不屈不挠,不弯的

grueling: 折磨的,令人筋疲力尽            

rigging: 绳索,帆索

composure: 镇静,沉着