The Detroit Pistons' 79-61 victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers was the first of three Game 7's that will be played within 31 hours. This is the Seventh heaven for NBA fans.
活塞79比61战胜骑士的比赛只是31个小时内三场“抢七”大战中的第一场,“第7场”对NBA球迷来说简直就是七重天。Seventh heaven: 七重天,极乐世界。

Dallas advanced to the Western Conference finals for the second time in four years, but with almost an entirely new team. Nowitzki is the only remaining starter from the team that was eliminated by the Spurs in 2003.

Steve Nash's aching back was a whole lot better, and that led to a painful night for the Los Angeles Clippers in the biggest game in that franchise's mostly sorry history.

In a single half, the Detroit Pistons taught LeBron James everything he needs to know about defense in the playoffs.