"We got impatient on offense and that played into their hands. In the first half they picked us apart." Kings coach Rick Adelman said.

That shot kind of put a dagger right in them.

MOB: Mavericks Off the Bench 的缩写,小牛的替补阵容。

Haslem called NBA vice president Stu Jackson after being ejected Saturday to insist that he did not attempt to hit Crawford with the mouthpiece.
vice president: 副总裁。
mouthpiece: 牙套。

James showed a bit of nervousness early on, shooting an airball on his first jumper.
airball: 空气球,指没沾到篮框或篮板,即便沾到篮网,也是空气球。
jumper: 跳投。

So at least on paper, things look bad for the Nuggets, in jeopardy of being eliminated in the first round for a third straight year.