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Grand Slam: 
(1) One of four major tournaments played once a year - Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, 世界四大锦标赛之一: 澳洲公开赛,法国公开赛,Wimbledon,和美国锦标赛
(2) Winner of all Grand Slam titles in a calendar year 在以上锦标赛中获胜的队伍 

  Groundstrokes 贴地球

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  The portion of a racquet comprising the frame and strings 球拍的头部
  To win a game as the server, to hold serve 发球制胜

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  A group of tennis players competing against other groups or teams 比赛团队

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  See "mixed doubles"
mixed doubles: 
  One female and one male play against one female and one male, sometimes detrimental to a marriage 混双

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  In doubles, to hit a ball (usually with a volley) that would normally be hit by another 在双打中,一方的一个队员抢先打自方的一个队员的球

~ s ~
  In a tournament, the top players based on previous results 种子选手
side or serve: 
  To begin a match, the person who wins the toss can select to serve or which side to begin on 在上局比赛中,其中获胜一方可以选择自己发球或者决定由哪放发球的权利 

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wrong foot: 
  To hit a shot to the court of an opponent who is leaning or running the opposite direction 向冲向自己的对方选手猛打球