~ a ~
ace:  (1) Service winner; (2) a really good tennis player 一流球手
ad here:    See "ad in" 同ad in
ad in: Server's advantage, break point 发球优势,断点
ad out: Receiver's advantage, game point 接球优势
ad there: See "ad out" 同ad out

~ b ~

bagel: To win a set without losing any games, 6-0 6比0, 一局不失地赢得比赛
bye: In a tournament, advancing to the next round without playing a match, usually as a result of being a seeded player 在锦标赛中,不参加初赛,作为种子选手直接进入第二轮比赛

~ c ~

canadian doubles: Doubles with three people, one against two 一对二比赛

~ d ~

dink: To hit the ball with little pace 慢击球
drop shot: To hit the ball short so that it just drops over the net 近网扣球
dubs: Doubles - men’s, women’s and mixed 双打的缩写

~ f ~

fault: When the serve does not land in the service box 出界
five four: The score is fifteen-fourty, also four-five 15比40
five three: The score is fifteen-thirty, also three-five 15比30
frame: (1) the oval portion of a racquet that contains the strings, (2) an unstring racquet 网球球拍的框子