WHAT is the most popular food in western countries? If you are not sure, statistics might give you the answer.   西方国家最普遍的食物是什么?如果你还不确定的话,或许会从以下的数据中得到答案。
  Every year, some 20 million people walk into restaurants and buy 2 billion sandwiches. Americans alone eat more than 1 billion sandwiches annually. If you lined up all the sandwiches Westerners eat in a year, they would go around the world 13 times!     每年都有2000万人走进餐馆总共买20亿份三明治。仅仅美国人自己每年就要吃掉10亿多份三明治。如果把一年中所有吃三明治的西方人排起队来,能围绕地球达13圈之多!
  When John Montagu made the very first sandwich in England in 1762, he couldn't have imagined that it would still be very popular almost 250 years later. There is a campaign starting this month in the US to find the healthiest and best tasting sandwich in the country.     1762年,当约翰·在英格兰做出第一份三明治时,他不会想到在几乎250年后的今天三明治仍然大受欢迎。本月,美国还发动了一项寻找本国最健康最美味的三明治活动。
  Sandwiches are commonly carried to school or work in lunchboxes or brown paper bags to be eaten for lunch. They are also taken on picnics and hiking trips. Their long-lasting popularity lies in their convenience and fast preparation time.     三明治通常被装在午餐盒里或者棕色纸袋中带去上学或者上班,中午用来作午餐。人们野餐或者徒步旅行也会带上它。三明治经久不衰的魅力就是方便和制作时间快捷。
  You can put everything you want inside a sandwich. They are easy to clean-up after, nutritious and come in hundreds of different kinds.     你可以在三明治里面加入你想加的任何东西。吃完后很容易清理,又有营养,而且有成百上千种做法。
  Well-known American chef Dave Lieberman adds another reason. "I think people like to touch their food, kids especially. It's just a natural instinct. You don't have to use a knife and fork to eat a sandwich,"he said.     著名的美国厨师戴夫·李伯曼认为其中还有一个原因。“我觉的人们喜欢用手拿食物,尤其是小孩子。这是一种天然的本能。而你吃三明治时是不需要用刀叉的,”他这样说道。
  Sandwiches can be hot or cold with almost any kind of filling. One of the most popular kinds is the BLT-bacon, lettuce and tomato. Although it is a simple food, it can still be creative. Sandwiches can be served open-faced, with sushi inside or grilled with delicious fillings.     三明治里面的陷各种各样,冷热均可食用。最常用的一种馅叫BLT,即火腿、生菜和番茄。虽然三明治做法简单,但仍然具有创新性。三明治可以做成露馅的单片吃,可以在里面放入寿司,还可以加入美味馅烤着吃。
  Lieberman recommends some teenage-friendly sandwich recipes     李伯曼推荐了几种青少年喜欢的三明治做法:
  Try this one: Peanut butter, raisin and honey sandwich     试试以下这一种吧:花生酱、葡萄干和蜂蜜三明治。
  *2 slices of soft whole wheat bread     *两片松软的全麦面包
  *2 big spoons of peanut butter     *两大勺花生酱
  *1 good handful of raisins     *一大把葡萄干
  *1 spoon of honey.     *一勺蜂蜜
  Spread the peanut butter onto one slice of bread. Press in the raisins. Put honey on the other slice of bread. Then put both slices together. Now enjoy your sandwich!     把花生酱涂在一片面包上。再在上面铺上葡萄干。在另外一片面包上涂上蜂蜜。然后把两片面包夹起来。现在请享用你自己做的三明治吧!