Unit 1 Where is your pal from?

pen pal  笔友

be from 来自

=come from 来自

the United States 美国

the United Kingdom 英国

New York 纽约

speak English 讲英语

14 years old  14

write to…写信给。。。

like and dislike 爱憎

in China  在中国

go to the movies 去看电影

play sports 做运动

favorite subject 最喜欢的科目

Where is your pen pal from? 你的笔友来自哪里?

Where does he live? 他住在哪里?

What language does he speak?



Unit 2 Where’s the post office?

post office 邮局

in front of 在。。。前面

pay phone (投币式)公用电话

near here 这儿附近

on Center Street 在中心街上

next to 在。。。旁边

between…and… 在。。。和。。。之间

across from 在。。。对面

in the neighborhood 在附近

go straight 一着往前走

turn left/right 向左/右拐

a big supermarket 一家大超市

at New Park 在新公园

take a taxi 乘出租车

have fun 玩得愉快

take a walk 散步

the way to 去。。。的路上

go through 通过

Excuse me. 对不起。

go down…

the garden district

have a good trip

the beginning of…

let sb. do sth.

on the right/left

Where is the post office?

Is there a big supermarket near where you are?

Bridge Street is a good place to have fun..



Unit 3 Why do you like koalas?

very shy

very cute

kind of

very smart

South Africa

other animals

play with

during the day

at night

every day

be quiet

Why do you like koalas?

Let’s see the pandas first.

Where are lions from?

They’re kind of interesting.

What other animals do you like?

Why do you want to see the lions?


Unit 4 I want to be an actor.

shop assistant

police office

bank clerk

TV station

go out

get sth. from sb.

like doing sth / to do sth

give sb sth

want to be

be interested in

an interesting job

want ads

talk with/to sb

pop stars

an international school

school play

a library assistant

a sports coach

a movie actor

What do you do?

What do you want to be?

Where does your sister work?

Does he work late?



Unit 5 I’m watching TV

Watch TV

do homework

eat dinner

TV show

write a letter

read a book

wait for

talk about

at school

at home

at the pool

play soccer

play basketball

talk on the phone

thanks for…

I am not talking.

What are you doing?

Are you playing soccer?



Unit 6 It’s raining!

sound terrible

have a good time

around The World show

on vacation

take photos

look cool

this group of…

in your hometown

play computer games

pretty good

different kinds of

not bad


Thank you for helping me!

How’s the weather?

How is it going?

What do you do when it’s raining?



Unit 7 What does he look like?

look like

short hair

long hair

curly hair

straight hair

medium height

medium build


a little bit

tell jokes

stop talking

go shopping

wear glasses

the captain of…

the basketball team

pop singer

What does he look like?

Don’t show the other students.



Unit 8 I’d like some noodles.

beef and tomato noodles

would like

what kind of noodles

what size bowl of noodles

a large bowl of noodles

ice cream

Can I help you?

chicken and cabbage noodles

mutton and potato noodles

tomato and egg noodles

beef and carrot noodles

orange juice

green tea

House of Dumplings

Dessert House


phone number

What kind of noodles would you like?



Unit 9 How was your weekend?

do one’s homework

play soccer

clean the room

go to the beach

play tennis

gio to the movies

last weekend

on Saturday morning

visit sb

study for…

what about

stay at home

have a party

do some reading

play the guitar

spend the weekend last week

go for a walk

go shopping

play sports

talk show

last month

play with…

look for

it’s time to do sth.

go to the mountains

How was your weekend?

It’s time to go home.



Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation?

go on vacation

go to summer camp

stay at home

study for exams

Central Park

show sth to sb

help him find his father

walk back to…

go shopping

the Palace Museum

think of

have fun doing sth

bus trip

the Great Wall


Men Square

a Beijing Hutong

make sb do sth

decide to do sth

What do you think of the vocation?

I find a boy crying.



Uint 11 What do you think of game shows?

Soap Opeeera

game show

sports show

talk show

healthy living

key ring

can’t stand

don’t mind

thanks for doing sth

agree with sb

show sb sth

show sth to sb

enjoy doing

How about…?=What about…?

baseball cap

sports news

Culture China

Chinese cooking

Animal World

welcome to…

What do you think of TV?

=How do you like TV?

I don’t mind them.



Unit 12 Don’t eat in class

arrive late for class

in the hallways

listen to music

school rules

tell sb about sth

in the dining hall

sports shoes

wear a uniform

have to

go out

practice your guitar

too many

gym class

make dinner

the Children’s Palace

in bed

wear a helmet

ride a bike

Don’t run in the hallways!

Do we have to clean the classroom?

What else do you have to do?

I have to be in bed by ten o’clock.

What should I do?