THE BRIGHT SIDE  Sagittarius is an optimistic, outgoing and adaptable Fire sign. Sagittarian personalities seek to interact spontaneously with life as they go on their great quest for meaning. Sagittarians also need a great deal of freedom, are equally willing to offer that freedom to others.

Sagittarians have an open-minded and intellectual curiosity which means that they are willing to learn about
other people in an effort to understand them, and to be trusting and open with them in return. Sagittarians say exactly what they mean with devastating frankness.

THE DARKER SIDE  Tactlessness, boastfulness and thinking with one's mouth are Sagittarian faults which tend to upset other people. And so, too, does a Sagittarian tendency to moralize and "preach" what other people should do - without, of course, following the same rules themselves.

One of the great Sagittarian difficulties lies in relationships. They find it extremely easy to be entirely faithful to two people at once. And bored Sagittarians are a danger to themselves and others. Anything goes, is their
attitude, so long as it is found to be stimulating. This tendency to over-indulge can lead them to burn the candle at both ends, and health may suffer.

Sagittarius is a great traveller and adventurer, not only physically but in the mind. It is a sign that simply has to
know the answer to life's big questions. Although they are as pleasant as could be when these answers are discovered, frustrating their quest could produce sparks.