Brief Introduction of Ogden Nash

Ogden Nash (1902-1971), a master of light, whimsical, and sometimes nonsensical verse, started his writing career at Doubleday Page Publishers, where he wrote his first children’s book with Joseph Algers, The Cricket of Garador, in 1925. His first piece of satiric verse Spring Comes to Murray Hill was published in 1930.

  In an environment in which people cared little about poetry, Nash managed to be one of the most popular and most quoted poets of his time. His turn of the phrase, his puns, and his nonsensical rhymes appealed to people of all ages. He was well regarded by critics and the public alike for his inventive titles, his unlikely rhymes, and his ridiculous play on words.

  Nash possessed a style that was very irregular indeed. Sometimes his poems contained only a handful of words; at other times they went on for several lines before ending in a clever or sometimes nonsensical rhyme. On many occasions he invented a word to fit the rhyme. Not only are his lines and rhymes irregular, but the length of his poems varied greatly. Some verses would go on for pages at a time, while others began and ended abruptly in two lines.

  Although the Atlantic Monthly heralded Nash as "God’s gift to the United States" for his insightful commentary on 20th-century America, his work had international appeal. His poems were humorous not only because they made people laugh, but also because they contained some truth of human experience. He believed that his writing was not just for kids, but rather lay in a gray area between child and adult worlds.


  奥格登·纳什(1902-1971)是一名轻松、滑稽、有时甚至可称作是荒诞诗歌的大师。在Doubleday出版社工作期间,他与Joseph Algers在1925年合著了其第一本儿童读物--The Cricket of Garador,从而开始了其写作生涯。1930年,他的第一首讽刺诗Spring Comes to Murray Hill发表。



  纳什对20世纪的美国洞察深刻,评论精辟,被《大西洋月刊》称为“上帝赐予美国的礼物”,但实际上他的作品在全世界都具有很大的影响力。说他的诗是幽默的,不仅因为他的诗能使人发笑,还因为这些诗能让人体会到人生经验的真谛。他相信,他的文字不仅仅是写给孩子们的, 而是应被放在一个孩子和成年人世界之间的灰色地域。