Training programmes that lead to certificates should be more strictly controlled, says an article in Jiangnan Times. An excerpt follows:

  Some certificate or other seems to be a must for all job applications. This has caused the recent mushrooming of the training programme industry, from which many companies are making large profits.

  But many of these training programmes only teach students how to pass the relevant examinations to obtain a certificate. Many do little to improve the educational level of the public, being about nothing more than the pursuit of a scrap of paper.

  While gaining further skills is a worthwhile pursuit, some training programmes have become merely a tool for making money. Whether participants learn from their classes and improve their skills or not is of no interest to some of the organizers.

  When a manager of a State-owned enterprise is sought, for example, practical experience and achievements are taken into consideration, not just which certificates he or she once obtained from an obscure management training programme.

  Relevant departments should work out regulations to clamp down on training programmes that do not provide quality education.