Exercise Errors

Are you making mistakes when you exercise that make your workout ineffective? Or worse yet, are you doing things that could lead to costly injuries? Whether you're a veteran or novice at exercising you need to be sure you're getting the best workout possible.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) surveyed 3,000 certified fitness professionals and asked them what are the biggest mistakes they see people making in the gym — but you don't have to work out in a gym to make some of these fitness fumbles:

Not stretching enough. It's always a good idea to stretch for a few minutes prior to exercise concentrating on the muscles that will be used during the fitness activity. Most importantly, spending time stretching after a workout for about 8-10 minutes, while your muscles are still warm and flexible, will reap major benefits. Muscles that are flexible are far less likely to be injured than tight ones.

Not warming up prior to aerobic activity. Stretching is just part of the warm-up equation. Your entire body needs to be gradually warmed up to prepare it for the added demands of aerobic training. Start out slowly for the first few minutes, your workout will be much more effective.

Not cooling down after any type of workout. Just as your body needs a warm-up it also needs a cool-down. Take some time to gradually let your heart-rate lower. Stopping aerobic activity suddenly can cause a number of problems such as blood pooling in your lower extremities or making you feel light-headed. Now is also a prime time to get in a good stretch that will provide you with lasting flexibility. ( to be continued )



  美国健身协会 (ACE) 调查了3,000位持有资格证的健康专家,向他们咨询人们健身时所犯的最大错误,不过你可没必要在健身房实践下列这些错误的健身方法: