Session VII: When Things Go Well(顺利之时)

1. Feel Like a Million Dollars = feel wonderful

A: I bumped into Nick at the barbershop yesterday. He looked great, but I noticed that he had a slight limp when he walked.
B: I guess you didn't know that he had an operation on his knee.
A: No, I didn't. How's he feeling?
B: He says he's feeling like a million dollars now. Apparently the pain in his knee is all gone.
A: It's good that he's feeling so wonderful. It must be a refreshing change not having to put up with all that discomfort.

2. Sitting Pretty = in a fortunate position

A: I heard that Michael and Jennifer got a good price when they sold their house.
B: Yes, they did. Now they're really sitting pretty. As a matter of fact, they're thinking of going on a long vacation.
A: I wish I were in such a fortunate position. I haven't had a vacation in years.

3. Have the World by the Tail = be successful and happy

Marc finished school at the top of his class and he was offered an excellent position with an accounting firm. Now he feels that he has the world by the tail. Everything has been working out for him lately, and it's no wonder that he's feeling so successful and happy.

4. Burry the Hatchet = make peace

A: Somebody told me that you and Doug had been quarreling over the construction site of the new building.
B: That's true, but we worked out the problem and decided to bury the hatchet.
A: Glad to hear that. You guys have always worked well together.
B: Well, once we came to the conclusion that we both had the same goal in mind, we put an end to our bitter feelings and made peace with each other.

5. Get Away Clean = escape punishment

After robbing a neighborhood bank, the robbers sped off in a waiting car and got away clean. In spite of all police efforts to apprehend them, the criminals were never caught and punished for their crime.