describe the function of music in our life. what music you like to listen to

  why you like to listen to music

  how often you listen to music

  explain why music is important in our life.

  describe a hobby.what your hobby is

  when you had this hobby

  how you do it

  explain the benefits of having this hobby.

  describe a sport you like to do.what sport it is

  how you play it

  how often you play it

  explain what benefits you can get from it.

  describe a famous person you admire.

  who this person was

  what he did

  what was special about him or her

  explain why you would like to meet him or her

  describe the worst weather in your life

  what it was

  when it happened

  how you felt

    explain your experience in details.

  describe your favorite book.

  what the book is called

  what it talks about

  what you learn from it

  explain why this book is your favorite.

  describe a building.

  what it is

  what the location is

  what it looks like

  explain why you want to talk about it.