Unit 1 

 1.Please do not be ____ by his bad manners since he is merely trying to attract attention.

   [A] disregarded    [B] distorted  

   [C] irritated     [D] intervened  

 2. Craig assured his boss that he would ____ all his energies in doing this new job.

   [A] call forth     [B] call at  

   [C] call on      [D] call off  

 3. Too much ____ to X-rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body.  

   [A] disclosure     [B] exhibition  

   [C] contact      [D] exposure  

 4. When confronted with such questions, my mind goes ____, and I can hardly remember my own date of birth.

   [A] dim        [B] blank  

   [C] faint       [D] vain  

 5. It is well known that knowledge is the ____ condition for expansion of mind.  

   [A] incompatible    [B] incredible  

   [C] indefinite     [D] indispensable  

 6. Language, culture, and personality may be considered ____ of each other in thought, but they are inseparable in fact.

   [A] indistinctly    [B] separately  

   [C] irrelevantly    [D] independently  

 7. Watching me pulling the calf awkwardly to the barn, the Irish milkmaid fought hard to ____ her laughter.

   [A] hold back     [B] hold on  

   [C] hold out      [D] hold up  

 8. The manager gave one of the salesgirls an accusing look for her ____ attitude toward customers.

   [A] impartial     [B] mild  

   [C] hostile      [D] opposing  

 9. I ____ with thanks the help of my colleagues in the preparation of this new column.

   [A] express      [B] confess  

   [C] verify       [D] acknowledge  

 10. It is strictly ____ that access to confidential documents is denied to all but a few.

   [A] secured      [B] forbidden  

   [C] regulated     [D] determined  

 11. The pollution question as well as several other issues is going to be discussed when the Congress is in ____ again next spring.

   [A] assembly      [B] session  

   [C] conference     [D] convention  

 12. Christmas is a Christian holy day usually celebrated on December 25th ____ the birth of Jesus Christ.

   [A] in accordance with [B] in terms of  

   [C] in favor of    [D] in honor of  

 13. Since it is too late to change my mind now, I am ____ to carrying out the plan.  

   [A] obliged      [B] committed  

   [C] engaged      [D] resolved  

 14. It was a bold idea to build a power station in the deep valley, but it ____ as well as we had hoped.  

   [A] came off      [B] went off  

   [C] brought out    [D] make out  

 15. To survive in the intense trade competition between countries, we must ____ the qualities and varieties of products we make to the world-market demand.  

   [A] improve      [B] enhance  

   [C] guarantee     [D] gear  

 16. He left early on the ____ that he had a bad toothache and had to see the dentist.  

   [A] prescription    [B] pretext  

   [C] knowledge     [D] precondition  

 17. The new edition of the encyclopedia ____ many improvements, which is the result of the persistent effort of all the compilers.  

   [A] embedded      [B] embodied  

   [C] enchanted     [D] enclosed  

 18. The boys and girls ____ together round the camp fire telling stories and singing songs.

   [A] reversed      [B] clapped  

   [C] clustered     [D] contracted  

 19. The new underground railway will ____ the journey to all parts of the city.

   [A] consume      [B] eliminate  

   [C] formulate     [D] facilitate  

 20. The speaker attracted the audience at the very beginning of the lecture by giving a ____ description of his personal experience.

   [A] global       [B] gracious  

   [C] graphic      [D] prescriptive  

 21. It is up to the government to ____ the rights of individual citizens.

   [A] withdraw      [B] withhold  

   [C] upgrade      [D] uphold  

 22. The notice about the English evening ____ many students who have interest in English.

   [A] impelled      [B] intrigued  

   [C] provoked      [D] induced  

 23. The leader went his own way in ____ of thepublic opinion, which aroused great anger among the people.

   [A] defiance      [B] reflection  

   [C] obedience     [D] observation  

 24. Could you just give me a hand? Let’s ____ the car into motion; it got a flameout just now.

   [A] shove       [B] nudge  

   [C] prompt       [D] poke  

 25. The river was ____ with waste from that factory. Some measures must be taken to stop its production.

   [A] corrupted     [B] consumed  

   [C] contaminated    [D] infected  

 26. Poverty is not ____ in most cities although, perhaps because of the crowded conditions in certain areas, it is more visible there.

   [A] rare        [B] temporary  

   [C] prevalent     [D] segmental  

 27. People who live in small towns often seem more friendly than those living in ____ populated areas.  

   [A] densely      [B] intensely  

   [C] abundantly     [D] highly  

 28. As a way of ____ the mails while they were away, the Johnsons asked the cleaning lady to send little printed slips asking the sendersto write again later.

   [A] picking up     [B] coping with  

   [C] passing out    [D] getting across

 29. Tom’s mother tried hard to persuade him to ____ from his intention to invest his savings in stock market.  

   [A] pull out      [B] give up  

   [C] draw in      [D] back down

 30. An increasing proportion of our population, unable to live without advanced medical ____, well become progressively more reliant on expensive technology.  

   [A] interference    [B] interruption  

   [C] intervention    [D] interaction