Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the correct choice for each blank on hour answer sheet.

  Since 1895 the National Trust has worked for the preservation of places of historic interest and natural beauty in England, Wales and Northern Ireland Today the Trust —— (26)______ is not a government department but a charity depending on the (27)____ support of the public and its own members- is the largest landowner and conservation society in Britain. Wherever you go, you are close to land that is protected and (28)___ by the National Trust. Over 350 miles of (29)____ land, lakes and forests in one area of natural beauty (30)_______; prehistoric and Roman ruins; moorlands and farmland, woods and islands; lengths of (31)_____ waterways; even seventeen whole villages——all are open to the public at all times subject only (32)_____ the needs of farming, forestry and the protection of wildlife. But the Trusts protection(33)_____ further than this. It has in its possession a hundred gardens and (34)_____ two hundred historic buildings which it opens to paying visitors. Castles and churches, houses of (35)_____ or historic importance, mills, gardens and parks (36)_____ to the Trust by their former owners. Many houses retain their (37)______ contents of fine furniture, pictures , and other treasures accumulated over (38)____, and often the donor himself continues to live in part of the house as a (39)____ of the National Trust. The walking-sticks in the hall, the flowers, silver-framed photographs, books an papers in the rooms are signs that the house is still loved and (40)_____ and that visitors are welcomed as private individuals just as much as tourists.

  26.   A) it   B) which   C) this   D) whether it

  27.   A) deliberate   B) compulsory   C) spontaneous   D) voluntary

  28.   A) maintained   B) watched   C) renewed   D) unused

  29.   A) unused   B) undeveloped   C) unwanted   D) unspoilt

  30.   A) besides   B) nearby   C) alone   D) beyond

  31.   A) interior   B) inland   C) inside   D) inner

  32.   A) by   B) at   C) to   D) on

  33.   A) develops   B) extends   C) enlarges   D) prolongs

  34.   A) some   B) nearby   C) on average   D) more

  35.   A) architectural   B) archetype   C) architecture   D) archaeology

  36.   A) are giving   B) have given   C) been given   D) have been given

  37.   A) primitive   B) initial   C) elementary   D) original

  38.   A) times   B) generations   C) years   D) age groups

  39.   A) resident   B) dweller   C) tenant   D) housekeeper

  40.   A) lived in   B) kept over   C) resided with   D) taken up


  The are twenty-five sentences in is section. Beneath each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. Mark you answer on you answer sheet.

  41. We were all taken ____ by the news of the Chairman's resignation.

  A) about

  B) apart

  C) aback

  D) aside

  42. My _______ to his proposal was not quite what he expected.

  A) feeling

  B) conduct

  C) outlook

  D) reaction

  43. Rickets can result from a diet _____ in vitamin D.

  A) short

  B) deficient


  D)  A. short B. deficient

  44. Peter clearly had no ______ of doing any work, although it was only a week till the exam.

  A) desire

  B) ambition

  C) willingness

  D) intention

  45. Sports are a good ______ for a young boy's energy.

  A) overflow

  B) exit

  C) outlet

  D) exhaust

  46. Visitors are _______ to beware of pickpockets.

  A) commanded

  B) informed

  C) notified

  D) advised

  47. It was nearly an hour before the sleeping pill took _____.

  A) influence

  B) effect

  C) force

  D) action

  48. Tom read it through quick so as to get the ____ of it before setting down to a thorough study.

  A) detail

  B) run

  C) gist

  D) core

  49. As it turned out to be a small house party, we ____ so formally.

  A) need not have dressed up

  B) must not have dressed up

  C) did not need to dress up

  D) must not dress up

  50. We threw water over the woman to bring her_____.

  A) up

  B) back

  C) round

  D) over

  51. Their educational qualifications ____ them to a higher alary.

  A) confers

  B) entitles

  C) grants

  D) credits

  52. Not knowing she had _____ out with her boyfriend, I make the mistake of inviting them both to the party.

  A) fallen

  B) quarreled

  C) parted

  D) separated

  53. John is ______ to be washing the car, but he is watching TV now.

  A) asked

  B) supposed

  C) requested

  D) ordered

  54. We caught a ____ of a river as the train pass over a bridge.

  A) glance

  B) glimpse

  C) look

  D) sight

  55. You may be eligible for a ______ to help you study.

  A) fund

  B) grant

  C) prize

  D) reward

  56. Here are all the books I have,. You may borrow ____ you like.

  A) whichever

  B) that

  C) which

  D) however

  57. Would you be _____ to close the door?

  A) too kind

  B) kind enough

  C) as kind

  D) so kind

  58. Oh dear, I don't feel very well. I think _____.

  A) I'll faint

  B) I'm going to faint

  C) I'm fainting

  D) I've fainted

  59. By the time you receive this letter. I _____ for America.

  A) will leave

  B) have left

  C) would have left

  D) will have left

  60. I'll call you tonight at 10' clock _______ I can find a telephone that works.

  A) unless

  B) suppose

  C) when

  D) provided

  61. Fortunately, the bank clerk ____ press the alarm button before the robbers got away.

  A) could

  B) was able to

  C) succeeded in

  D) managed

  62. I'll try to get in touch with him but he's _____ ever at home when I phone.

  A) hardly

  B) almost

  C) rarely

  D) occasionally

  63. I bought a large Chinese ______ lampshade to put in my bedroom.

  A) old

  B) round

  C) white

  D) paper

  64. His courage is ____ he does not know the meaning of fear.

  A) so

  B) so that

  C) such that

  D) that

  65. I'd rather they ______ deliver the new refrigerator tomorrow.

  A) wouldn't

  B) didn't

  C) shouldn't

  D) mustn't


  In this part here are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer., Mark you    choice on your answer sheet.

  TEXT A In the town of Peppard, a computer helps firemen. The computer contains information about every one of the 15 000 street addresses in the town. When firemen answer a call, the computer files them important information about the burning building. The computer can give the location of the building and its size, type, and contents. In fact, the compute system has many different ways of helping fire fighters with their problems. For example, it can give medical information about sick people living in a burning building. With this information, the firemen can take special care to find these sick persons and remove them quickly and safely from the burning building. The speed at which the computer works is amazing. Within two or three seconds after a call is received, the computer provides necessary information for the fireman. The information is then sent tot them by radio from the computer center in Town Hall. The computer system also contains a medical record of each of the towns 110 firemen. This kind of information is especially useful when a fire fighter is injured. With this medical information, doctors at the hospital can treat the injured fireman more quickly and easily. The firemen themselves are grateful for the computers help. The computer tells them about possible dangers ahead of them and helps them prepare for these dangers. Many times the computer information helps to save lives and property. Sometimes the lives are those of firemen themselves.

  66. The computer helps fireman in the following ways EXCEPT _____

  A) locating the building on fire.

  B) giving information on address.

  C) locating fireman's problems.

  D) providing medical care.

  67. The speed of the computer is amazing because _____

  A) it can provide information very quickly.

  B) it can provide necessary information.

  C) the information is sent to firemen by radio.

  D) the computer center is situated in Town Hall.

  68. Why does the computer contain medical records of firemen?

  A) They predict possible dangers fro firemen.

  B) they help doctors in treating injured firemen.

  C) They can save property and people's lives.

  D) They provide important information about injuries.

  69. The main idea of the passage is about _____

  A) firemen and firefighting.

  B) necessary medical information.

  C) the usefulness of the computer.

  D) the quick speed of the computer.

  TEXT B Large companies need way to reach the savings of the public. The same problem, on a smaller scale, faces practically every company trying to develop new products and create new jobs. There can be little prospect of raising the money needed from friends and people we know, and while banks may agree to provide short-term loans, they are generally unwilling to provide money on a permanent basis for long term projects. So companies turn to the public, inviting people to lend them money, or take a share in the business in exchange for a share in future profits. They do this by issuing stocks and shares through the stock exchange. By doing so they can put into use the savings of individuals and institutions. When the savers wants to have his money back, he does not have to got to the company which has borrowed his money. Instead, he sells his shares through a stockbroker to some other saver who is seeking to invest his money. Many of the services needed both by industry, and by each of us are provided by the Government. Without hospital, roads, electricity, telephone, railways ,etc., the country could not function. All these require continuous spending on new equipment if they are to server us properly, requiring more money than is raised through taxes alone. the Government and industries there for frequently need to borrow money to finance major capital spending, and they, too, go to the stock exchange. There is hardly a man or woman in the country whose job or whose standard of living dos not depend on the ability of his or her employer to raise money to finance new development. In one way or another this new money must come from the savings of the country. the stock exchange exists to provide a channel through which these savings can reach those who need money.

  70. Companies must ____ for money for long-term development.

  A) go to banks

  B) ask other organizations

  C) turn to the public

  D) go to acquaintances

  71. The stock exchange manages _____

  A) company business.

  B) company shares.

  C) company projects.

  D) company profits.

  72. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?

  A) The authorities provide many necessary services.

  B) Hospital, railways etc. are essential to a country.

  C) The Government need to borrow from the stock exchange.

  D) Taxes can raise all the money needed for improvement.

  73. The main idea of the passage is about _____

  A) functions of the stock exchange.

  B) company financial needs.

  C) roles of the stockbroker.

  D) essential public services.

  TEXT C It is generally agreed that the first true cities appeared about 5 000 years ago in the food-producing communities of the Middle East. The cities of Sumeria, Egypt and the Indus Valley possessed a number of characteristics which distinguished them a truly urban. The cities were very much larger and more densely populated than any previous settlement, and their function was clearly differentiated from that of the surrounding villages. In the cities the old patterns of kinship relations were replaced by a complex hierarchy of social classes based on the specialization of labor. Moreover, the need to keep records led to the development of writing and arithmetic, and the increased sophistication of urban society gave a new impetus to artistic expression of every kind. When the basis of city life was established in Europe the urban tradition was drawn from the ancient cities of the middle East, via the civilizations of Greece and Rome, we can trace three main phases in the growth of the West European city. The first of these is the medieval phase, which extends from the beginning of the 11th century A. D to about 1 500. The second is the renaissance and Baroque phase. which can be traced from about 1 500 to the beginning of the 19th century. The third is the modern phase, extending from the early 19th century to the present day. Every medieval city began as a small settlement which grew up round a geographical or cultural focal point. This would often be a permanent structure such as a stronghold, a cathedral or a large church. In districts where travel and trade were well established, it might be a market, a river crossing, or a place where two or more trade routes met. In studies of urban geography other oldest part of a town is referred to as the nuclear settlement. there are many small towns in Europe where it is still possible to trace the outline of the original nuclear settlement. It is, of course, much more difficult to do this in the case if a large modern city which has grown to may times its original size.

  74. The ancient cities were characterized by all the following EXCEPT _____

  A) larger populations.

  B) different locations.

  C) different roles.

  D) different social classes.

  75. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

  A) West European cities established their own urban tradition.

  B) West European cities grew directly out of those in the Middle East.

  C) Cities appeared earlier in the Middle east than in Greece and Rome.

  D) West European and Middle east cities went through the same phases.

  76. Which of the following could be regarded as a geographical focal point?

  A) A town hall.

  B) A vegetable garden.

  C) A local cafeteria.

  D) An open market.

  TEXT D In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of the inadequacies of the judicial system in the U.S. Costs are going up rapidly both for the taxpayers and the litigants and the litigants, or parties in a lawsuit, have to wait sometimes many years before having their day in court. Many suggestions have been put forward concerning methods of improving the situating, but as in most branches of the Government, changes come slowly. One suggestion that has been made in order to maximize the efficiency of the system is to allow districts that have too many waiting cases tomorrow judges from other districts. Another suggestion is to use pretrial conferences in which the judge meets with the litigants and their lawyers in order to narrow the issues, limit the witnesses, and provide for a more orderly trial. The theory behind pretrial conferences is that judges will spend less time on each case and parties will more readily settle before trial when they realize the adequacy of their claims and their opponents evidence. Many states have now established another method, small-claims courts. The proceedings cost the litigants almost nothing. In California, for example, the parties must appear before the judge without the assistance of lawyers. The proceedings are quite informal and there is no peaking——the litigants need to make only a one-sentence statement of their claim By doing so, the plaintiff gives up any right to a jury trial and the right to appeal the decision.

  77. The judicial system is considered inadequate because of _____

  A) high costs and long delays.

  B) high taxes and long delays.

  C) slow changes and high taxes.

  D) high costs and high taxes.

  78. The pre-trial conference is supposed to _____

  A) reduce court evidence.

  B) increase court costs.

  C) raise court efficiency.

  D) cut the number of litigants.

  79. In small-claims courts the litigants _____

  A) state their claims in detail.

  B) appear without legal advisors.

  C) can later go to a jury trial.

  D) have to pay high court costs.

  80. The main topic of the passage is about _____

  A) suggestions on how to make legal claims.

  B) ways to produce court evidence.

  C) ways to deal with the judge in court.

  D) methods to improve court efficiency.


  First read the following question. 81. The passage is mainly about _____ A. different kinds of coffee. B. different ways of drinking coffee. C. different ingredients in coffee. D. different names of coffee. Now read TEXTEquickly to answer question 81. Coffee is a universal beverage that is served in different ways around the world. In London, for example, some Englishmen dip mustard into their coffee, while in America, a person might add a bit of tomato sauce. Strips of orange and lemon peels are not unusual additions to coffee in Europe. An Asian delight consists of coffee served with boiling sugar. Perhaps the richest cup of coffee can be enjoyed in Ireland, where whiskey and cream are important ingredients. In Australia, a waitress will ask, Do you want black or white? Black is plain black coffee, but white is half coffee and half warm milk. If an Australian orders iced coffee, he will be served a cup of steaming coffee with a scoop of ice cream.

  81. The passage is mainly about _____

  A) different kinds of coffee.

  B) different ways of drinking coffee.

  C) different ingredients in coffee.

  D) different names of coffee.

  First read the following question. 82. The passage mainly discusses _____ A. what English gardens look like. B. the role of English gardens. C. books on gardening. D. games in the garden. 83. Who will do weeding and digging? A. The parents B. The gardener. C. The whole family. D. The children. Now read TEXT F quickly to answer question 82 and 83. Most English families have a house and a garden. The garden plays a very important part in the life of he average Englishman and there are few bookcases in the house which do not contain a book on gardening. In summer much time is spent mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge and watering flowers and plants. The family does not forget to relax, however, and many meals are eaten outdoors. English lawns, although they are admired all over the world, are not meant only to be looked at. Games are played and picnics are held there. Some families divide up their gardens into spheres of influence. Thus t he father will look after the vegetable garden; the mother will attend to the flowers and plants; the son will pick fruit while the daughter will have a little rock garden. things which nobody enjoys doing are done together , like weeping the paths and digging the soil.

  82. The passage mainly discusses _____

  A) what English gardens look like.

  B) the role of English gardens.

  C) books on gardening.

  D) games in the garden.

  83. Who will do weeding and digging?

  A) The parents

  B) The gardener.

  C) The whole family.

  D) The children.

  First read the following question. 84. The passage introduces Estartit to _____ A. local people. B. Foreign students. C. holiday makers. D. shop assistants. 85. People will do all the following on the four islands off the coast EXCEPT _____ A. swimming. B. running. C. fishing. D. sunbathing. 86. For evening entertainment, young travelers usually go to _____ A. the St. Tropez discotheque. B. the Club El Catalan. C. the Galeon. D. the Playa de Pals. Now read TEXT G quickly to answer question 84 to 86. Estartit This popular summer resort has one of the finest sand beaches of the Costa Brava——the Playa de Pals. Formerly a little fishing port, where the inhabitants fished for sardine, it has, in a few years, achieved international status without listing its attractions. Just off the coast lie a group of four islands known as the Medas Isles and a little farther north is the Foadada Rock. Inhabited in Roman times, these islands later became deserted. Now you can take boat trips to them to swim, fish or simply sunbathe. There is little to see in Estaritit itself. In fact, it is hardly more than a main street —— Calle Sante Ana —— which runs parallel to the sea and contains some good boutiques and small souvenir shops. If you what to shop, the best day to visit Estartit is on Thursday, which is market day. For a small resort, Estariti has plenty of night life. for first-class evening entertainment, often with an international floor show, it is worth climbing the hill to the Club El Catalan, and, in the village itself, the galleon usually has a floor show, with dancing to recorded music. Young people usually go to the St. Tropez discotheque. Anyone wishing to travel from Estartit to Torella do Montgri will be able to take the bus, which leaves at two-hourly intervals from Estartit.

  84. The passage introduces Estartit to _____

  A) local people.

  B) Foreign students.

  C) holiday makers.

  D) shop assistants.

  85. People will do all the following on the four islands off the coast EXCEPT _____

  A) swimming.

  B) running.

  C) fishing.

  D) sunbathing.

  86. For evening entertainment, young travelers usually go to _____

  A) the St. Tropez discotheque.

  B) the Club El Catalan.

  C) the Galeon.

  D) the Playa de Pals.

  First read the following questions. 87. Your Student Railcard will enable you to get student rates from _____ A. the coach station. B. the shipping company. C. the railway. D. the airport. 88. The cheapest way to travel from London to Manchester is to go by _____ A. air stand-by. B. coach normal. C. rail normal standard. D. rail cheap. Now read TEXT H quickly to answer question 87 and 88. There are two classes of fares on the train, the first class fare being approximately fifty per cent more expensive than second class. There are often cheaper rates available for students or if you are prepared to go on certain trains. Once you have settled in, the students union will advise you how to get your Student Railcard which entitles you to student rates from British Rail of available. The following table illustrates differences in return fares by air, train and coach from London to Manchester: Air —— off-peak guaranteed 113 —— stand-by 126 —— full economy 162 British Rail —— normal first class 115 —— normal standard class 77 —— cheap 31 to 42 (will rise in summer) (according to time and day of travel) Coach —— normal 23.50

  87. Your Student Railcard will enable you to get student rates from _____

  A) the coach station.

  B) the shipping company.

  C) the railway.

  D) the airport.

  88. The cheapest way to travel from London to Manchester is to go by _____

  A) air stand-by.

  B) coach normal.

  C) rail normal standard.

  D) rail cheap.

  First read the following questions. 89. Between 22nd July and 30th August, guests will spend ______ night (s) in the hotel. A. 4 B. 2 C. 3 D. 1 90. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the letter? A. Accommodation. B. Room service. C. Schedule. D. Parked lunch. Now read TEXT I quickly to answer question 89 and 90. April 20th, 199- Dear Mr. Hinson, re Hotel Arrangements for Starways Ltd I would like to confirm in writing the arrangements that we agreed last week for the 199- program. 1 Schedule A From 13th May through 16th July, 33 bed nights every Friday and Saturday. Guests will arrive at 18.00 on Friday and depart 10.00 on Sunday. B From 22nd July through 30th August, 66 bed nights every Friday and Saturday, and every Monday and Tuesday. 2 Accommodation For Period A above, we will require 12 standard rooms with shower, and 9 single rooms with shower. For Period B above, we will require 24 standard rooms with shower, and 18 single rooms with shower. The groups will require full American Plan with an additional packed lunch on the day of departure. I hope this represents the discussion we had. I would be grateful if you would let me know if you have any further comments. Meanwhile, I will have a contract drawn up. Yours sincerely, William Clark General Manager Parkview Hotel

  89. Between 22nd July and 30th August, guests will spend ______ night (s) in the hotel.

  A) 4

  B) 2

  C) 3

  D) 1

  90. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the letter?

  A) Accommodation.

  B) Room service.

  C) Schedule.

  D) Parked lunch.


  Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four times. During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning. For the second and third readings, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 or20 seconds. The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work, You ill then given 2 minutes to check through hour work once more.



  Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of about 150 works on the following topic. You are invited to write to new comers on how to improve oral English. On How to Improve Your Oral English You are to write in three paragraphs. In the first paragraph , state clearly your viewpoint on this issue. In the second paragraph, support your viewpoint with details or examples. In the last paragraph, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a loss of marks.

  Write on ANSWER SHEET a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation. Youd promised to go Marys birthday party, but now realize that you are not able to go there. Write a note explaining why and offering an apology. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy.