Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the correct choice for each blank on your answer sheet.

  Unlike most sports, which evolved over time from street games, basketball was designed by one man to suit a particular purpose. The man was Dr. James Naismith, and his purpose was to invent a vigorous game that could be played indoors in the winter.

  In 1891, Naismith was an instructor at a training school, which trained physical education instructors for the YMCAs. That year the school was trying (26)____ up with a physical activity that the men could enjoy (27)___ the football and baseball seasons . None of the standard indoor activities (28)____ their interest for long. Naismith was asked to solve the problem by the school. He first tried to (29)____ some of the popular outdoor sports, but they were all too rough. The men were getting bruised form tackling each other and (30)____ hit with equipment. So, Naismith decided to invent a game that would incorporate the most common elements of outdoor team sports without having the real physical contact. Most popular sports used a ball, so he chose a soccer ball because it was soft and large enough that it (31)____ no equipment, such as a bat or a racket to hit it. Next he decided (32)____ an elevated goal, so that scoring world depend on skill and accuracy rather than on (33)___ only. His goals were two peach baskets, (34)___ to ten-foot-high balconies at each end of the gym. The basic (35)____ of the game was to throw the ball into the basket. Naismith worth rules for the game, (36)____ of which, though with some small changes, are still (37)___ effect. Basketball was an immediate success. The students (38)____ it to their friends and the new sport quickly (39)___ on. Today, basketball is one of the most popular games (40)___ the world.

  26.   A) to have come   B) coming   C) come   D) to come

  27.   A) between   B) during   C) when   D) for

  28.   A) roused   B) held   C) had   D) were

  29.   A) imitate   B) adopt   C) adapt   D) renovate

  30.   A) being   B) to be   C) been   D) were

  31.   A) requested   B) used   C) required   D) took

  32.   A) on   B) to   C) of   D) with

  33.   A) power   B) strength   C) force   D) might

  34.   A) fixed   B) fixing   C) that fix   D) which fixed

  35.   A) method   B) rule   C) way   D) idea

  36.   A) few   B) much   C) many   D) little

  37.   A) with   B) in   C) on   D) for

  38.   A) defined   B) spread   C) taught   D) discussed

  39.   A) went   B) took   C) put   D) caught

  40.   A) of   B) throughout   C) among   D) through


  There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

  41. For many patients, institutional care is the most ______ and beneficial form of care.

  A) pertinent

  B) appropriate

  C) acute

  D) persistent

  42. Among all the changes resulting from the ______ entry of women into the work force, the transformation that has occurred in the women themselves is not the least important.

  A) massive

  B) quantitative

  C) surplus

  D) formidable

  43. Mr. Smith became very ______ when it was suggested that he had made a mistake.

  A) ingenious

  B) empirical

  C) objective

  D) indignant

  44. Rumours are everywhere, spreading fear, damaging reputations, and turning calm situations into ______ ones.

  A) turbulent

  B) tragic

  C) vulnerable

  D) suspicious

  45. The ______ cycle of life and death is a subject of interest to scientist s and philosophers alike.

  A) incompatible

  B) exceeding

  C) instantaneous

  D) eternal

  46. She remains confident and ______ untroubled by our present problems.

  A) indefinitely

  B) infinitely

  C) optimistically

  D) seemingly

  47. Fiber-optic cables can carry hundreds of telephone conversations ______.

  A) simultaneously

  B) spontaneously

  C) homogeneously

  D) contemporarily

  48. The police were alerted that the escaped criminal might be in the ______.

  A) vain

  B) vicinity

  C) court

  D) jail

  49. Whether you live to eat or eat to live, food is a major ______ in every family's budget.

  A) nutrition

  B) expenditure

  C) routine

  D) provision

  50. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly room ______ on earth rather than bacteria on Mars.

  A) configuration

  B) constitution

  C) condemnation

  D) contamination

  51. As you have seen, the values of a nation's currency is a _____ of its economy.

  A) reaction

  B) reflection

  C) response

  D) revelation

  52. In the Spring Export Commodities Fair the ______ of fine china attracted much attention of customers from all over the world.

  A) succession

  B) array

  C) string

  D) procession

  53. We should make a clear _______ between the two scientific terms for the purpose of our discussion.

  A) separation

  B) discrimination

  C) deviation

  D) distinction

  54. The terrorists might have planted a bomb on a plane in Athens, set to ______ when it arrived in New York.

  A) go off

  B) get off

  C) come off

  D) carry off

  55. We should be able to do the job for you quickly, ______ you give us all the necessary information.

  A) in case

  B) provided that

  C) or else

  D) as if

  56. The younger person's attraction to stereos cannot be explained only _____ familiarity with technology.

  A) in quest of

  B) by means of

  C) in terms of

  D) by virtue of

  57. Attempts to persuade her to stay after she felt insulted were ______.

  A) in no way

  B) on the contrary

  C) at a loss

  D) of no avail

  58. By signing the lease we made a _______ to pay a rent of '150 a week.

  A) conception

  B) commission

  C) commitment

  D) confinement

  59. To prevent flooding in winter the water flowing from the dam is constantly ______ by a computer.

  A) graded

  B) managed

  C) conducted

  D) monitored

  60. Many people think of deserts as _____ regions, but numerous species of plants and animals have adapted to life there.

  A) virgin

  B) barren

  C) void

  D) wretched

  61. Picking flowers in the park is absolutely ____.

  A) avoided

  B) prohibited

  C) rejected

  D) repelled

  62. Tony has not the least ____ of giving up his research work.

  A) intention

  B) interest

  C) wish

  D) desire

  63. Two of the children have to sleep in one bed, but the other three have ____ ones.

  A) similar

  B) singular

  C) different

  D) separate

  64. Am I to understand that his new post ____ no responsibility with it at all?

  A) keeps

  B) supports

  C) carries

  D) possesses

  65. Animals that could not _____ themselves to the changed environments perished and those that could survived.

  A) change

  B) adapt

  C) modify

  D) conform



  In this part there are four passages followed by fifteen questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer. Mark your choice on your answer sheet.

  TEXT A The destruction of our natural resources and contamination of our food supply continue to occur, largely because of the extreme difficulty in affixing legal responsibility on those who continue to treat our environment with reckless abandon. Attempts to prevent pollution legislation, economic in-centimes and friendly persuasion have been met by lawsuits, personal and industrial denial and long delays-not only in accepting responsibility, but more importantly, in doing something about it. It seems that only when government decides it can afford tax incentives or production sacrifices is there any initiative for change. Where is industrys and our recognition that protecting mankinds great treasure is the single most important responsibility? If ever there will be time for environmental health professionals to come to the frontlines and provide leadership to solve environmental problems, that time is now. We are being asked, and, in fact ,the public is demanding that we take positive action. It is our responsibility as professionals in environmental health to make the difference. Yes, the ecologists, the environmental activists and the conservationists serve to communicate, stimulate thinking and promote behavioral change. However, it is those of us who are paid to make the decisions to develop, improve and enforce environmental standards, I submit, who must lead the charge. We must recognize that environmental health issues do not stop at city limits, county lines, state or even federal boundaries. We can no longer afford to be tunnel-versioned in our approach. We must visualize issues from every perspective make the objective decisions. We must express our views clearly to prevent media distortion and public confusion. I believe we have a three - part mission for the present. First, we must continue to press for improvements in the quality of life that people can make for themselves. Second, we must investigate and understand the link between environment and health. Third, we must be able to communicate technical information in a form that citizens can understand. If we can accomplish these three goals in this decade, maybe we can finally stop environmental degradation, and not merely hold it back. We will then be able to spend pollution dollars truly on prevention rather than on bandages.

  66. We can infer from the first two paragraphs that the industrialists disregard environmental protection chiefly because _____.

  A) they are unaware of the consequences of what they are doing

  B) they are reluctant to sacrifice their own economic interests

  C) time has not yet come for them to put due emphasis on it

  D) it is difficult for them to take effective measures

  67. The main task now facing ecologists, environmental activists and conservationists is _____.

  A) to prevent pollution by legislation, economic incentives and persuasion

  B) to arouse public awareness of the importance of environmental protection

  C) to take radical measures to control environmental pollution

  D) to improve the quality of life by enforcing environmental standards

  68. The word tunnel-versioned (Line 2, Para.4) most probably means ____.

  A) narrow-minded

  B) blind to the facts

  C) short-sighted

  D) able to see only one aspect

  69. Which of the following, according to the author, should play the leading role in the solution of environmental problems?

  A) Legislation and government intervention.

  B) The industry's understanding and support.

  C) The efforts of environmental health professionals.

  D) The cooperation of ecologists, environmental activists and conservationists.

  TEXT B British universities, groaning under the burden of a huge increase in student numbers, are warning that the tradition of a free education is at risk. The universities have threatened to impose an admission fee on students to plug a gap in revenue if the government does not act to improve their finances and scrap some public spending cutbacks. The government responded to the universities threat by setting up the most fundamental review of higher education for a generation, under a non-party troubleshooter? Sir Ron Dearing. One in three school-leavers enters higher education, five times the number when the last review took place thirty years ago. Everyone agrees a system that is feeling the strain after rapid expansion needs a lot more money —— but there is little hope of getting it from the taxpayer and not much scope for attracting more finance from business. Most colleges believe students should contribute to tuition costs ,something that is common elsewhere in the world but would mark a revolutionary change in Britain. Universities want the government to introduce a loan scheme for tuition fees and have suspended their own threatened action for now. They await Dearings advice, hoping it will not be too late —— some are already reported to be in financial difficulty. As the century nears its end, the whole concept of what a university should be is under the microscope. Experts ponder how much they can use computers instead of classrooms, talk of the need for lifelong learning and refer to students as consumers." The Confederation of British Industry, the key employers organization, wants even more expansion in higher education to help fight competition on world markets from booming Asian economies. But the government has doubts about more expansion. The Times newspaper egress, complaining that quality has suffered as student numbers soared, with close tutorial supervision giving way to pass production methods more typical of European universities.

  70. The chief concern of British universities is ______.

  A) how to tackle their present financial difficulty

  B) how to expand the enrollment to meet the needs of enterprises

  C) how to improve their educational technology

  D) how to put an end to the current tendency of quality deterioration

  71. We can learn from the passage that in Britain ______.

  A) the government pays dearly for its financial policy

  B) universities are mainly funded by businesses

  C) higher education is provided free of charge

  D) students are ready to accept loan schemes for tuition

  72. What was the percentage of high school graduates admitted to universities in Britain thirty years ago?

  A) 20% or so.

  B) About 15%.

  C) Above 30%.

  D) Below 10%.

  TEXT C Reebok executives do not like to hear their stylish athletic shoes called footwear for yuppies. They contend that Reebok shoes appeal to diverse market segments, especially now that the company offers basketball and childrens shoes for the under-18 set and walking shoes for older customers not interested in aerobics or running. The executives also point out that through recent acquisitions they have added hiking boots, dress and casual shoes, and high-performance athletic footwear to their product lines, all of which should attract new and varied groups of customers. Still, despite its emphasis on new markets, Reebok plans few changes in the up market retailing network that helped push sales to 1 billion annually, ahead of all other sports shoe marketers. Reebok shoes, which are priced from 27 to 85, will continue to be sold only in better specialty, sporting g goods, and department stores, in accordance with the companys view that consumers judge the quality of the brand by the quality of its distribution. In the past few years, the Massachusetts-based company has imposed limits on the number of its distributors (and the number of shoes supplied to stores), partly out of necessity. At times the unexpected demand for Reeboks exceeded supply, and the company could barely keep up with orders from the dealers it already bad. These fulfillment problems seem to be under control now, but the company is still selective about its distributors. At present, Reebok shoes are available in about five thousand retail stores in the United States. Reebok has already anticipated that walking shoes will be the next fitness-r elated craze, replacing aerobics shoes the same way its brightly colored, soft leather exercise footwear replaced conventional running shoes. Through product diversification and careful market research, Reebok hopes to avoid the distribution problems Nike came across several years ago, when Nike misjudged the strength of the aerobics shoe craze and was forced to unload huge inventories of running shoes through discount stores.

  73. One reason why Reebok's managerial personnel don't like their shoes to be called "footwear for yuppies" is that _______.

  A) they believe that their shoes are popular with people of different age groups

  B) new production lines have been added to produce inexpensive shoes

  C) "yuppies" usually evokes a negative image

  D) the term makes people think of prohibitive prices

  74. Reebok's view that "consumers judge the quality of the brand by the quality of its distribution" (Line 5, Para. 2) implies that ______.

  A) the quality of a brand is measured by the service quality of the store selling it

  B) the quality of a product determines the quality of its distributors

  C) the popularity of a brand is determined by the stores that sell it

  D) consumers believe that first-rate products are only sold by high-quality stores.

  75. Reebok once had to limit the number of its distributors because ______.

  A) its supply of products fell short of demand

  B) too many distributors would cut into its profits

  C) the reduction of distributors could increase its share of the market

  D) it wanted to enhance consumer confidence in its products

  76. Although the Reebok Company has solved the problem of fulfilling its orders, it ______.

  A) does not want to further expand its retailing network

  B) still limits the number of shoes supplied to stores

  C) is still particular about who sells its products

  D) still carefully chooses the manufacturers of its products

  77. What lesson has Reebok learned from Nike's distribution problems?

  A) A company should not sell its high quality shoes in discount stores.

  B) A company should not limit its distribution network.

  C) A company should do follow-up surveys of its products.

  D) A company should correctly evaluate the impact of a new craze on the market.

  TEXT D Cars account for half the oil consumed in the U.S., about half the urban pollution and one fourth the greenhouse gases. They take a similar oil of resources in other industrial nations and in the cities of the developing world. As vehicle use continues to increase in the coming decade, the U.S. and other countries will have to deal with these issues or else face unacceptable economic, health-related and political costs. It is unlikely that oil prices will remain at their current low level or that other nations will accept a large and growing U.S. contribution to global climatic change. Policymakers and industry have four options: reduce vehicle use, increase the efficiency and reduce the emissions of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, witch to less harmful fuels, or find less polluting driving systems. The last of these —— in particular the introduction of vehicles powered by electricity is ultimately the only sustainable option. The other alternatives are attractive in theory but in practice are either impractical or offer only marginal improvements. For example, reduced vehicle use could solve traffic problems and a host of social and environmental problems, but evidence from around the world suggests that it is very difficult to make people give up their cars to any significant ex tent. In the U.S., mass-transit rider ship and carpooling have decline d since World War II. Even in western Europe, with fuel prices averaging more than 1 a liter (about 4 a gallon) and with easily accessible mass transit and dense populations, cars still account for 80 percent of all passenger travel. Improved energy efficiency is also appealing, but automotive fuel economy ha s barely made any progress in 10 years. Alternative fuels such as natural gas, burned in internal-combustion engines, could be introduced at relatively low cost, but they would lead to only marginal reductions in pollution and greenhouse missions (especially because oil companies are already spending billions of dollars every year to develop less polluting types of gasoline).

  78. From the passage we know that the increased use of cars will ______.

  A) consume half of the oil produced in the world

  B) have serious consequences for the well-being of all nations

  C) widen the gap between the developed and developing countries

  D) impose an intolerable economic burden on residents of large cities

  79. The U.S. has to deal with the problems arising from vehicle use because ______.

  A) most Americans are reluctant to switch to public transportation systems

  B) the present level of oil prices is considered unacceptable

  C) other countries will protest its increasing greenhouse emissions

  D) it should take a lead in conserving natural resources

  80. Which of the following is the best solution to the problems mentioned in the passage?

  A) The designing of highly efficient car engines.

  B) A reduction of vehicle use in cities.

  C) The development of electric cars.

  D) The use of less polluting fuels.


  In this section there are seven passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answer on your answer sheet.

  Text E First read the following question. 81. The passage is mainly concerned with _____ A fruit growing. B outdoor gardening. C leafy vegetables. D indoor gardening. 82. The authors attitude towards the topic in the passages is _____ A neutral. B positive. C contradictory. D indifferent. Now skim TEXT E below and mark your answer on your answer sheet. Maybe youd like to have a vegetable garden, but you live in a room, an apartment, a townhouse or a mobile home, and you think there is no place at all for such activity. But if you have a doorstep, a balcony or even just a windowsill, you can have your own mini-garden. Mini-gardening with vegetables, fruit trees and herbs can be fascinating fun, and you can mix or match all vegetables or vegetables and flowers You can grow them in greenhouses, under fluorescent lights, or in a sunny window. Perhaps now, with the prices of fresh vegetables competing with those of meats and dairy products, this is more than ever an important aspect of indoor gardening . But entirely aside from the economic dividends, there is the pleasure of enjoying a truly fresh product, one you grew yourself from plant to plate. Vegetable plants grow better in full sunlight than in the shade. Some vegetables need more light than can stand more shade than vegetable fruit plants (cucumbers) which do very poorly in the shade. Plant your vegetable fruit plants where the will get the most sun, and you leafy vegetables and root vegetables in the shadier areas.

  81. The passage is mainly concerned with _____

  A) fruit growing.

  B) outdoor gardening.

  C) leafy vegetables.

  D) indoor gardening.

  82. The author's attitude towards the topic in the passages is _____

  A) neutral.

  B) positive.

  C) contradictory.

  D) indifferent.

  Text F First read the following question. 83. This letter is written by a(n) _____ A. prospective salesperson. B. high school student. C. book publisher. D. office manager. Now skim TEXT F below and mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28 Beach Road, Newtown. The manager. Royal Publishers, P.O. Box 446 Newtown March 11th, 199- Dear Sir, I am 18 years old, and I graduated from Newtown High School last October. At high school my main subjects were English , business studies, history, athletics and science. I would be very interested in working as a salesman. I am very interested in books, and I have always been interested in the publishing business. I enjoy meeting and talking to people. I enclose two letters of reference, a photograph, and my school academic record. I would be available for an interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Jack Eastwood

  83. This letter is written by a(n) _____

  A) prospective salesperson.

  B) high school student.

  C) book publisher.

  D) office manager.

  Text G First read the following question. 84. Who will best fit the vacancy described in the ad? A. A receptionist with secondary-school education. B. A typist with three years of working experience. C. A young college graduate with a management degree. D. A middle-aged clerk with some working knowledge of computers. Now skim TEXT G below and mark your answer on your answer sheet. SITUATIONS VACANT Administration Trainee We have a vacancy for trainee in our head office. Main duties will be office work with some reception and telephone work. Training will be given in the use of a computer. The successful applicant will have college level education in business-related subjects and will be able to work with a minimum of supervision. Typing skills essential. age range preferably 21-2. Good working conditions. Please apply in writing, stating age, qualifications, and other relevant information to Administration Manager, STARTEX OIL. P.O. Box 355, Westport

  84. Who will best fit the vacancy described in the ad?

  A) A receptionist with secondary-school education.

  B) A typist with three years of working experience.

  C) A young college graduate with a management degree.

  D) A middle-aged clerk with some working knowledge of computers.

  Test H First read the following question. 85. When are guests allowed? A. Any day. B. Saturday. C. Friday. D. After 6 p.m. 86. What must club members bring with them? A. Own towels. B. Locker keys. C. Swimming caps. D. Registration cards. Now skim TEXT H below and mark your answer on your answer sheet. JUBILEE SWIMMING CLUB REGULATIONS All swimmers must shower before they enter the pool. Diving is only allowed from the diving-board. Running and playing near the pool is not permitted. Club members may bring gusts at weekends only. Children under 12 are not allowed to use the pool unless accompanied by an adult. Members must show their membership cards at the registration desk. Used towels must be placed in the bins provided. Smoking is not allowed in the changing-room. Guests must sign at the registration desk. All bathers must leave the pool by 56 p.m. Clothes must be placed in the lockers provided. Keys are available at the registration desk. Only club members and their families are allowed to use the pool.

  85. When are guests allowed?

  A) Any day.

  B) Saturday.

  C) Friday.

  D) After 6 p.m.

  86. What must club members bring with them?

  A) Own towels.

  B) Locker keys.

  C) Swimming caps.

  D) Registration cards.

  Test I First read the following question. 87. What happened for the first time on December 17th, 1903? A. An aero plane flew over the river Potomac. B. Orville Wright invented a glider. C. A steam engine was used to power a plane. D. A man piloted an engine-driven plane. 88. Which of these statements about the 1908 flight is true? A. Not so many spectators were present as in 1903. B. The aero plane stayed in the air much longer than in 1903. C. There was only one person in the aero plane. D. the aero plane flew at a speed of a mile a minute. Now skim TEXT I below and mark your answer on your answer sheet. The Wright Brothers There are many memorable dates in the story of mans conquest of the air. One is December 17th, 1903. On that day, for the first time in the history of mankind, a man flew for just a few seconds in a machine which was power-driven and heavier-than-air. the name of that brave airman as Orville Wright. There were two Wright brothers whose ancestors had emigrated from England to America in the seventeenth century. Wilbur was born in 1867 and Orville four years later. When they left school, the two brothers started a small cycle factory. One day they heard that a man called Langley had make an aero plane driven by a small cycle factory. One day they heard that a man called Langley had mend an aero plane driven by a small steam-engine. this aero plane flew without a pilot over the river Potomac until its engine failed and it came down in the river. "Let us try to make an aero plane that will carry a man." Said Wilbur. The two brothers set to work, designing and building gliders. when they had learned how to control their gliders skillfully, they attacked the problem of supplying power to drive the machine. Instead of using a steam engine, they decided to use a petrol engine, which was smaller and lighter and more efficient. Just before 10:30 on the morning of December 17th, five spectators stood in the cold wind at Kitty Hawk and Watched Orville climbing into his machine. If rose to a height of eight to ten feet about the ground and stayed in the air for twelve seconds. the first power-driven flight had succeeded. The two brothers enthusiastically continued their experiments. they improved the engine and the aircraft. On September the, 1908, Orville amazed a crowd of a thousand people by remaining air borne of one hour two minutes and thirty seconds. the machine carried a passenger and a pilot and traveled at forty miles per hour.

  87. What happened for the first time on December 17th, 1903?

  A) An aero plane flew over the river Potomac.

  B) Orville Wright invented a glider.

  C) A steam engine was used to power a plane.

  D) A man piloted an engine-driven plane.

  88. Which of these statements about the 1908 flight is true?

  A) Not so many spectators were present as in 1903.

  B) The aero plane stayed in the air much longer than in 1903.

  C) There was only one person in the aero plane.

  D) the aero plane flew at a speed of a mile a minute.

  Test J First read the following question. 89. If you want to buy a TV set in good condition, which number should you call? A. 43655 B. 35633 C. 42377 D. 42677 90. Who should Reg phone? A. Phil B. Alys C. John D. Anne Now skim TEXT J below and mark your answer on your answer sheet. THE MORNING HERALD OCTOBER 18 ADVERTISEMENTS FOR SALE 2 single beds (with mattresses) and large chest of drawers. excellent condition. 86 Tel 68455 FOR SALE almost new 12-speed bicycle; new types, plus headlight and strong combination lock. 220. Phone Alys Tel. 43566 WANTED Mans bicycle in good condition. Phone Phil 24522 WANTED 19" color TV. easy to carry. Tel. 43655 FOR SALE Film developing unit and photo enlarging unit; plus 25 rolls of color film Tel. 74533 FOR SALE large 26" color TV in wooden cabinet. (Sanyo) Still under guarantee. 350. Tel 42377 WANTED TV set (Cabinet model) Volume needs attention. Tel. 35633 FOR SALE Minolta 35 mm camera. 5 years old. Need some repairs. Only 35. Tel. 78454 WANTED Bicycle in any condition. Must be cheap. Phone Reg. 26677 FOR SALE 10-speed bicycle. 5 years old. Needs some repairs. Only 35. Phone Anne after 6 p.m. Tel. 78466 FOR SALE Standing lamp for living room. Almost new. 100 Tel. 553642 WANTED Small portable TV set. Old model going cheap. Phone John on 42677.

  89. If you want to buy a TV set in good condition, which number should you call?

  A) 43655

  B) 35633

  C) 42377

  D) 42677

  90. Who should Reg phone?

  A) Phil

  B) Alys

  C) John

  D) Anne


  Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four times. During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning. For the second and third readings, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 to 20 seconds. The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work. you will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more. Please write the whole passage on ANSWER SHEET TWO.



  Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of about 150 words on the following topic.

  Traffic congestion is always one of the problems facing big cities. Now, you have been asked to write an article of about 150 words to a local newspaper entitled. THE BEST WAY TO SOLVE TRAFFIC CONGESTION You are to write in three paragraph. In the first paragraph, state clearly what you think the main difference is between college and middle school life. In the second paragraph, sate which life you prefer and why. In the last paragraph, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion with a summary or suggestion. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.

  Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation. Last week you quarreled with your friend. Write him or her a note apologizing for the incident and suggesting that you both should meet early next week. Marks will be awarded for contest, organization, grammar and appropriacy.