— Where is your home?
 — It is in Shanghai.
 — Oh, do you live near the steel works?
 — Yes, my father is a steel worker there.
 — And what does your mother do?
 — She works in a nursery.
 — Have you any brothers and sisters?
 — Yes, two brothers and a sister. My elder brother is in the army. My younger brother is at school. My sister is a nurse at a hospital in Hangzhou.

— 你的家在哪里?
— 在上海。
— 噢,你住得离钢铁厂近吗?
— 近,我父亲就是钢铁厂的工人。
— 你母亲是做什么的?
— 她在幼儿园工作。
— 你有兄弟姐妹吗?
— 有,我有两个兄弟和一个姐姐(妹妹)。我哥哥在部队,弟弟在上学。我姐姐(妹妹)在杭州的一家医院里当护士。