Talking about objects 谈论事物


106. Do you have a bike? 你有一辆自行车吗?

107. Yes, I do. 是的,我有。

108. You have a car, don't you? 你有一辆车,对吗?

109. No, I don't. 不,我没有。 110. I don't have a motorcycle, either. 我也没有摩托车。

111. Does the skirt belong to your sister? 这条裙子是你妹妹的吗?

112. Yes, it does. 是的,它是。

113. How many brothers or sisters do you have? 你有几个兄弟姐妹?

114. Don't you have my glasses? 你没拿我的眼镜吧?

115. No. They are over there. 没有。它们在那儿。

116. Does Kate have a red hat? 凯特有一顶红帽子吗?

117. Yes, she does. 对,她有。

118. You have a computer, don't you? 你有一台计算机,对吗?

119. Yes, I have one. 是的,我有一台。

120. I already have a radio, but I don't have a TV yet. 我已经有一台收音机,但是还没有电视。


Telling time 述说时间


121. What time is it now? 现在几点钟?

122. It is half past two.两点半。

123. It's ten after six. 六点十分。

124. His watch is fast and hers is slow. 他的表快,而她的表慢。

125. Excuse me. Can you please tell me the correct time? 对不起,请你告诉我准确的时间好吗?

126. Sorry, I can't. 对不起,我不能。

127. I don't know what time it is now. 我不知道现在几点钟。

128. I don't think it is five o'clock yet. 我想现在还不到五点。

129. It must be about four thirty. 现在想必是四点半左右。

130. I get up at six thirty every morning. 我每天早上六点半起床。

131. The store doesn't open until eight o'clock in the morning. 这家商店要到早上八点才开门。

132. Will you be here at nine o'clock tomorrow? 你明天九点钟到这里,行吗?

133. Okay, I will. 好的。

134. We'll be on time, won't we? 我们将按时到达,是吗?

135. I hope so. 我希望如此。


Talking about dates 谈论日期


136. What's the date today? 今天几号?

137. Today is November the twenty-second, two thousand and one. 今天是2001年11月22日。

138. When were you born? 你是什么时候出生的?

139. I was born on June the first, nineteen seventy-eight. 我是1978年6月1日出生的。

140. Today is John's birthday. 今天是约翰的生日。

141. Mr. Liu was born in February, nineteen sixty-two. 刘先生出生于1962年2月。

142. I don't know the exact date. 我不知道确切的日子。 143. Where were you born? 你在哪里出生?

144. I was born in a small city near Guangzhou. 我出生在离广州不远的一个小城市。

145. What do you know about the twentieth century? 有关二十世纪的事你知道些什么?

146. I don't know anything about this. 关于这件事我一无所知。

147. Let's talk about something else. 让我们谈点别的什么吧。

148. Where were you during the month of September last year? 去年9月份你在哪里?

149. I was in Canada then. 我那时候在加拿大。

150. Where will you be ten years later? 十年后你会在哪里?


Talking about objects and people 谈论物品和人


151. What do you want, sir? 先生,您要点什么?

152. I want a cup of tea. 我要一杯茶。

153. What would you like to eat? 你想要吃什么?

154. Please give me a hamburger. 请给我一个汉堡包。

155. What color do you like, blue or white? 你喜欢哪种颜色,蓝色还是白色?

156. I prefer white. 我偏爱白色。

157. I'd like to talk with Mrs. Smith. 我想和史密斯太太谈谈。

158. I am sorry, but she is not in right now. 很抱歉,她现在不在家里。

159. Would you like a glass of milk? 你想要一杯牛奶吗?

160. I'd like to have some coffee, if you don't mind. 如果你不介意的话,我情愿喝点咖啡。

161. Do you know any of those people? 在那些人当中你有认识的吗?

162. Two or three of them look familiar. 他们当中有两三个看上去面熟。

163. No, I don't know any of them. 不,他们当中我一个也不认识。

164. Which one is Mr. Brown? 那一位是布朗先生?

165. The tall man in black. 穿黑衣服的那个高个子。


Talking about languages 谈论语言


166. Do you speak English? 你会说英语吗?

167. Yes, but just a little. 是的,但只会一点点。

168. Does Lucy speak French? 露西会说法语吗?

169. Yes, she speaks French perfectly. 是的,她法语讲得很流利。

170. What is your native language? 你的本族语是什么?

171. Mr. Johnson's native language is English. 约翰逊先生的本国语是英语。

172. How many languages do you speak? 你能说多少种语言?

173. My teacher can speak five languages. 我的老师能说五种语言。

174. How well do you know Russia? 你的俄语程度如何?

175. She speaks Italian with a French accent. 她讲意大利语带有法国口音。

176. My sister speaks Cantonese very fluently. 我姐姐广州话说得很流利。

177. Miss Williams can read and write French very well. 威廉斯小姐能够很自如地用法语看书和写东西。

178. Sometimes I make mistakes when I speak English. 我讲英语时有时会说错。

179. I have a lot of difficulties with spelling. 我在拼写上有很多困难。

180. How is his accent in Chinese? 她说汉语的口音怎么样?


Talking about activities 谈论活动


181. What are you doing? 你在做什么?

182. I am writing a letter. 我在写一封信。

183. What's your mother doing? 你的妈妈在做什么?

184. She is doing some cooking. 她在煮东西。

185. She is doing nothing right now. 她现在没做什么事情。

186. Where are you going? 你去哪里?

187. I am going to my uncle's. 我去我叔叔家。

188. What time are you coming back? 你打算什么时候回来?

189. I'm not sure, maybe five thirty. 我不能肯定,可能五点半左右。

190. What are you thinking about? 你在想什么呢?

191. I am thinking about tomorrow's exam. 我在想明天的测验。

192. Who are you writing to? 你在给谁写信?

193. I am writing to a friend of mine in the USA. 我在给一个在美国的朋友写信。

194. By the way, who are you waiting for? 那么,你在等谁呢?

195. I am not waiting for anybody. 我没在等谁。