Somehow it was typical of Prince Philip yesterday not to wait for paramedics after clambering from his overturned car. Instead, it was only when he was back at Sandringham that he was examined by a doctor.


According to official bulletins from Buckingham Palace, he was not hurt in the accident, which happened on a road bisecting the Norfolk estate.But eyewitnesses reported that he was ‘very, very shocked’ and shaken.


That he seemingly escaped uninjured will naturally be a source of great relief not just for the Queen and the Royal Family but for the country, too.Once again, he appears simply indestructible. Nothing it seems can dent his durability or his indomitable spirit.


And little more than six months short of his 98th birthday, Philip must be one of the oldest motorists in the country.


Two years ago, Philip did just that when he decided he wished to stand down from official life. Now, surely, he must consider taking another step to accommodate the march of time.


The fact is he does not even need to drive. He has the round-the-clock presence of police bodyguards and access to any of the royal chauffeurs. Or, if that doesn't suit, one of his valets or even a friend could assume the duty of driver.