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the Champion's League

When Pembrey plotted out the diagram, he was immediately struck by its significance.
Once I had plotted out the, the full extent of those results, it was so beautiful and such a clear pattern. I knew then, quite definitely, that we were dealing with a trans-generational response. It was so coherent, and that's important in science that the effect was coherent in some way, was tied in when, when eggs and sperm were being formed.
The diagram showed a significant link between generations, between the diet in one and the life expectancy of another.
When you think that you have, have found something important for the understanding of the thing itself, you can imagine that this is something really special.
It's up there with I am... I'm a sort of fair-weather supporter of Liverpool. It's up there with Liverpool winning the Champion's League.
You can only have it once in your lifetime.
This is gonna become a famous diagram. I, I'm convinced by that. I get so excited every time I see it. It's just amazing. Every time I look at it, I find it really exciting. It's fantastic.
Pembrey and Bygren had the first conclusive proof of an environmental effect being inherited in humans.