John Kerry’s first overseas tour as US Secretary of State has turned out to be something of marathon, 11-days taking in nine different nations. His first stop, London, from where our UK correspondent Richard Bestic reports. Co-ordinating a response to the civil war in Syria will be high on his agenda.

That London is John Kerry’s first stop on his maiden trip overseas as US Secretary of State may have a significant bearing on the Syrian conflict.

At the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Britain - backed by a handful of allies – has been vainly struggling to lift an EU ban on providing weapons to the Syrian rebel coalition, although it has agreed to send security and civilian-military advisors.

While Mr. Kerry’s nine-nation-tour includes a diplomatic gathering in Rome of European and Arab powers as well as private talks with the Syrian Opposition Council – recognised by some as a fledgling government in exile.

So as the 23-month conflict inside Syria deteriorates, there’s speculation the meeting will see a shift in US policy towards openly supplying weapons to rebel fighters.

However, in a civil war that has already claimed the lives of some 70,000 people options are limited.

Mr. Kerry has hinted he’ll bring new diplomatic proposals to his European and Arab allies aimed at persuading Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to stand down.

So far though, President Assad has shown little interest in renouncing power, while ally Russia and the Arab League this week offered to broker talks between the Syrian leader and the opposition.

The ghastly events of the week in Damascus are a sharp reminder for the new US Secretary of State of the urgent need for a peaceful resolution in Syria and an end to the destabilizing impact the conflict is having on the entire region.

That John Kerry is making his first visit as US Secretary of State. find out solution of Syria civil way.