One way to meet your goals is to keep a daily task list. This is a handy trick borrowed from the most successful business leaders. Sometimes important deadlines sneak up on us and take us by surprise, so we end up trying to do too many things at the last minute.


When it comes to school work, this translates into a poor grade!


Avoid this trap by maintaining a simple task list.


Difficulty: Easy


Time Required: 30 Minutes Spread Throughout a Day


Here's How:

1.Set your goals for a month. Record any large assignments or projects that you need to finish.


2.Divide your big jobs into small tasks. For example, if you need to make 100 science flash card in the next month, you can put "Make 10 flashcards" on your list some days.


3.Prioritize your tasks. For instance, you'll need to brainstorm a project first, buy supplies next, and start creating posters third.


4.Use an inexpensive paper tablet or a favorite diary to write down a list of tasks you should complete every day. Keep it on you at all times.


5.Look at your list at least three times a day. Some tasks can't be completed until others are done or until you've reached a certain destination, like school or the library. It's a good idea to keep checking periodically as a reminder.


6.You'll find that some tasks just can't be completed. Don't stress about those.


7.At the end of the day, look at your task list. Mark off tasks that have been completed. You'll have a few left over that can be completed within 15 minutes or so. Complete those.


8.Tear off the old sheet, bring all unfinished or unfinishable tasks to a new page for the next day for a new list.


9.Observe and re-evaluate tasks that have been carried over for three days. Either finish them first or change them because they're unrealistic.



1.Avoid carrying over tasks. Try to complete everything on your list every day. Keep it realistic.


2.List fun things! You should include little rewards for finishing other not-so-fun things. You deserve it! Plus, the more you check things off, the better it feels!


3.Add a vocabulary word to your daily task list. Commit to working it into conversation once or twice that day.


What You Need:


A paper tablet and pen - that's all!