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Dr Martin Sangalli

注意组织机构和书名要大写[!--audio--]Now to the reason we are all here. We are very fortunate to have a seminar today led by Dr Martin Sangalli, one of the most prominent and well-respected commentators in the world business community. He's been asked to advise many large corporations. He is a specialist in the strategic use of Information Technology in banking, pharmaceuticals and retail. He has his own company called Logic Solutions, which consults with some of the biggest names in the world of business. He is also an adviser to Intertel and a non-executive director of Global Conferences. Thousands of business and technology managers have benefited from reading his best-selling book, Intelligent Change.现在我们都在这里,我们非常荣幸请到Martin Sangalli博士来给我们开这个研讨会。他是世界企业界最卓越和最受尊敬的评论员之一。他被很多大公司邀请去做咨询。他是在银行业务,医药学,零售业中战略使用信息科技的专家。他有他自己的公司叫做逻辑解决公司,它和世界商业界的一些大公司商议。他也是Intertel公司的顾问和全球会议的非执行董事。成千上万的商业和科技的经理从他的畅销书《智能的改变》一书中受益。 ——译文来自: SibylBei