<听写方式: 填写缺失的部分,不用带数字序号> A: So are your friends coming over? H: No. I told you. They're being annoying. A: What does that mean? H: Never mind. It's not a big deal. A: Okay.      1    H: Kate is not an elephant, she's a snake, and she's going to my school. Mom, my life is completely ruined. A: It's not ruined, it's just gonna be an adjustment. H: No.      2    A: I spoke to your dad and he said he made it clear to Kate that there'll be serious consequences if... H: Oh, please, she's not gonna listen to him. A: Look, Hanna... I'm not exactly looking forward to running into Isabel at the super market, but if we don't take the high road, we're gonna be the ones who end up looking like trash.      3    H: Fine.[!--audio--]Can we talk about the elephant in the room? The only thing she's adjusting are her plans to take me down. So just promise me that you will do everything you can to make Kate feel welcome tomorrow.