<听写方式: 填写缺失的部分,不用带数字序号> E: Are you okay? A: Yeah, I just... I don't know. E: You seem kind of distracted. A: I am.      1    E: Aria, I'm not asking you to lie to your friends. A: Well, it's not my friends that I don't trust. It's other people.      2    E:      3    A: She's thawing. E: And your dad? A:      4    E: Not very. That's why they call it the ice age.[!--audio--]Look, lying to my parents was one thing, but lying to my friends is really hard. I've been burned before. I thought you said your mom was warming to the idea of us being a couple. How fast do glaciers melt?看吧,欺骗我的父母是一回事,但是欺骗我的朋友却非常困难。 我曾被灼伤过。 我想你说过,你妈已经开始喜欢我们俩人在一块了。 冰川融化有多快呀? ——译文来自: tangyun118