BEC HIGHER 听力训练,希望对备考的同学们有所帮助。




none[!--audio--]I wasn't happy to be going out there when there was so much that had to be dealt with, just left there on my desk. My secretary's extremely good, but she can't do the impossible, obviously. But it was clearly crucial to get some kind of idea of what it looked like, whether we were on to the right kind of thing. Getting the right location and space is vital. I'm more or less convinced that this is right for what we want. It will attract customers. The trouble is, I had out-of-date architect's plans with me, so I kept getting confused about the dimensions. But the hotel staff were really helpful when we were trying to get the up-to-date stuff faxed through. It's the first time I've been over there since we decided to go ahead with the expansion and I must say I was impressed with the number of really good candidates there were. It really is a good region, in terms of being able to attract and recruit the right people and I'm confident we chose the right people. I wish the same thing was true for the other branches.