A Cub Reporter, the Important Step towards a Career in Newspaper Reporting

  The student who wants a newspaper career has much hard work ahead of him before he can become even a cub, or beginning, reporter.He may begin by working on his high school newspaper or yearbook.

  Then the aspiring reporter may break into newspaper work as a copyboy, running errands and helping staff reporters.He may even be given a chance to write small stories.Sometimes students who are interested in news reporting can get jobs as campus reporters for local newspapers.

  Jobs such as these serve to acquaint the beginner with the atmosphere of news gathering.They give him a chance to sharpen his eye for details and teach him to be sure that his facts are accurate, that he reports them correctly, and that he writes his articles clearly.This work may lead to a job as a cub reporter on a newspaper, the important first step toward a career in news reporting.