Malaysia, in Southeast Asia, is a great combination of history and modernization, and is a great tourist spot. The place is a cultural mixing bowl of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous customs and heritage, and while for most people, the name Malaysia only brings pictures of Kuala Lumpur, there is a lot more to it. Let us take a look at 10 best places to visit in Malaysia.


Best Places to Visit in Malaysia – Top 10 Highlights and Attractions.


1. Kuala Lumpur


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The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is a common favourite. Unlike most of the cities in the world, it is more than where the visitor lands and then goes off to other places, because Kuala Lumpur itself offers a lot. The beautiful skyline, adorned by Menara KL Tower and Petronas Tower, is a must-see. The Perdana Lake Gardens is another great sight. Excellent transport system is ready to help explore the city sights. The cuisine is a must-try, what with the mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian influence.

马来西亚首都吉隆坡是人们最喜欢的地方。与世界上大多数城市不同的是,这里不仅是游客的目的地,而且还会去其他地方,因为吉隆坡本身提供了很多东西。美丽的天际线,由Menara KL Tower和Petronas Tower装饰,是必看的景点。佩达娜湖花园是另一个伟大的景观。优秀的交通系统已经准备好帮助探索城市景观。烹饪是一种必须尝试的食物,混合了马来、中国和印度的影响。

2. Malaysian Borneo


Malaysian Borneo
In contrast to the bright lights and concrete of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Borneo offers an abundance of green rainforests and wildlife. It is the third largest island in the world and definitely one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. It often goes forgotten by those who stay mesmerized by the mainland. But one must not miss Borneo's repertoire of natural wonders. Only a short, cheap flight away lies the options of scuba diving in Sabah, caving in Sarawak, and the many other adventures.


3. Selangor


Selangor City
Selangor defines the most developed and populated states of Malaysia, closely following the urban sprawl of Kuala Lumpur. It has the National Zoo of Malaysia and a Formula One racetrack. There are theme parks including indoor snow parks frequented by hordes of travellers. It is a hot shopping zone, and the country's gambling capital, Gentling Highlands. Contrarily, there are the Batu Caves with Hindu shrines. Along the river in Kuala Selangor, one can see the exotic abundance of fireflies.


4. Langkawi


Langkawi Cablecar
Langkawi is located off the northwest corner of Malaysia, connected to the mainland by ferries and an aircraft, and tops the list of Malaysia's island destinations, frequented by both foreigners and Malaysians, especially because of great connectivity and a large tourist infrastructure. It can rightly be called the busiest island of Malaysia, with many tourist attractions, like the country's largest indoor aquarium, or the Pregnant Maiden Lake, a beautiful body believed to make women fertile.


5. Penang


Penang Beach
Penang is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. This big island on the west coast of Malaysia is one that the country is proud of, and for valid reasons. For one, its historic capital city, George Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, what with its landmark homes, fort, temples and museums. Penang offers an excellent spread, including some incredible street food. Some of the best treats and tastes are available at the food joints lining the waterfront esplanade named Gurney Drive.

槟城是马来西亚最好的旅游景点之一。这个位于马来西亚西海岸的大岛是这个国家引以为豪的,而且也是有正当理由的。其一,它历史悠久的首都,乔治城,是联合国教科文组织的世界遗产,其标志性的房屋,堡垒,庙宇和博物馆。槟榔屿提供了极好的传播,包括一些令人难以置信的街头小吃。一些最好的美食和口味都可以在滨水公园的“Gurney Drive”餐厅里找到。

6. Malacca


Malacca - Best Places to Visit in Malaysia
The Peranakan city of Malacca is locally spelled as Melaka, and is another of the best places to visit in Malaysia. It is, in fact, a must-visit, because visiting Malaysia and missing the rich cultural, historical and colonial sites is too big a loss. The old town is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and never ceases to transcend all expectations. Apart from the historic wealth of the place, there is a level of pleasantness in this city. One can get many options of shopping, too, except on Tuesdays.


7. Perhentian Islands


Best Places to Visit in Malaysia Perhentian Islands
Perhentian Islands is like a heaven for budget tourists. Daytime on Perhentian Kecil can be occupied with adventurous activities like snorkelling and diving, while, as the night befalls, parties begin on the beach with fine sand. Perhentian Besar, the larger of the two islands, is a favourite with families and smaller resort crowds, since it offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the blue waters, away from the crowd. While in July, crowds make it difficult to find accommodation, winters are tranquil.

Perhentian岛就像一个廉价游客的天堂。白天在Perhentian Kecil上可以从事像浮潜和潜水这样的冒险活动,而当夜幕降临时,派对开始在沙滩上以细沙开始。Perhentian Besar是两个岛屿中较大的一个,它是家庭和较小的度假人群的最爱,因为它提供了放松和享受蓝色水域的机会,远离人群。7月的时候,人们很难找到住处,冬天很安静。

8. Tioman Island


Tioman Island Best Places to Visit in Malaysia
Tioman Island is set in the east coast of Malaysia, where it is carved into different beaches, and it is unlike most of the other travel destinations of Malaysia. It is not too far away from Singapore, but is minimal in terms of development. Interestingly, the accommodation is great, though available at low costs. The diving activities here, too, are low-priced. While, depending on seasons, ABC Beach stays busy, there are some secluded parts. From speed boat rides to jungle hikes, everything is possible.


9. Taman Negara


Best Places to Visit in Malaysia
‘Taman Negara' literally translates to ‘national park' in Malay. The name is appropriate for the oldest national park in Malaysia, and one of the world's oldest tropical rainforests. In the thick foliage are waterfalls and some beautiful scenery. One can opt for trekking, rafting, fishing, elephant or bird watching, or taking a walk along the long walkway to catch a glimpse of the life high up on trees. Visitors can stay in Kuala Tahan across the river, and take an inexpensive ride to the park entrance.

“Taman Negara”的字面意思是马来语中的“国家公园”。这个名字适合于马来西亚最古老的国家公园,也是世界上最古老的热带雨林之一。在茂密的树叶中有瀑布和一些美丽的景色。人们可以选择徒步、漂流、垂钓、大象或观鸟,或者沿着长长的人行道散步,以瞥见高处树上的生命。游客可以在河对岸的吉隆坡停留,乘坐便宜的车到公园入口。

10. Cameron Highlands


Best Places to Visit in Malaysia
Malaysian peninsula is not all about the waters, islands, forests, and the tropical climate. The Cameron Highlands are a stretch of green tea plantations with trekking trails meandering through them, volcanoes and chilly temperatures. The nip in the air during the night is particularly noticeable, yet enjoyable. Trekking is one of the key activities in the Cameron Highlands. For the less active ones, there are butterfly gardens, strawberry farms, and flower greenhouses to explore here.


Thus, Malaysia is a perfect fusion of a variety of cultures and different topographies. It is the perfect mix of nature and urbanization. The best places to visit in Malaysia offer many activities to indulge in, parties to attend, religious places of visit, and one can just spread the legs and relax.