Indian women have always been perceived by the world as the quiet, docile kind of women, with long hair, clad in a saree with lots of gold jewellery, who like to be inside the house, and enjoy taking care of their families. But, in every generation, some woman or the other has always broken the stereotypes, and proven herself to be strong, independent and multi-faceted. While, the Queen of Jhansi, Rani Lakshmi Bai, led an entire army and died in battle, she was also a great cook at home, and took care of the huge castle library. The beautiful and stylish Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of India. Mother Teresa, the epitome of love, took the destitute in her shadow and provided for them. Such are the women of India, and there are several more who lead the path today. Let us look at 10 Most Influential Women of Modern India.

印度女人一直被世界视为安静、温顺的女人,她们长着长长的头发,穿着一件带着许多金首饰的纱丽,她们喜欢呆在家里,享受照顾家人的乐趣。但是,在每一代人中,有些女人或其他女人总是打破成见,证明自己是坚强、独立和多面性的。然而,Jhansi女王,Rani Lakshmi Bai,领导了整个军队并在战斗中牺牲,她在家里也是一个伟大的厨师,并且照顾了巨大的城堡图书馆。美丽又时髦的英迪拉·甘地是印度总理。特蕾莎修女是爱的化身,她把贫穷的人带到她的阴影中,为他们提供了帮助。这就是印度的妇女,今天还有更多的人领导着这条道路。让我们看看现代印度最具影响力的10位女性。

The Most Influential Women of Modern India:


10. Barkha Dutt


Famous Journalist Barkha Dutt
Barkha Dutt is an Indian television journalist and columnist, as well as the group editor with NDTV, noted for her brave reportage in the dangerous conditions of the Kargil War. She has been honoured with several national and international awards, including India's fourth highest civilian honour, the Padma Shree. She has become the model for the portrayal of modern female journalists in India. Read Also, Top 10 Most Beautiful News Anchors on Indian TVs.

Barkha Dutt是一名印度电视记者兼专栏作家,也是NDTV的编辑,她在《卡吉尔战争的危险条件》中以勇敢的报道著称。她获得了多项国家和国际奖项,包括印度第四大平民荣誉——帕德玛·希利。她成为了印度现代女性记者形象塑造的典范。Read Also, Top 10 Most Beautiful News Anchors on Indian TVs.

9. Medha Patkar

Medha Patkar

Influential Women of Modern India Medha Patkar
60 year old Medha Patkar is a social activist and reformer turned politician who is best recognized as the founder member of the famous Narmada Bachao Andolan to save the rivers and people of Gujarat. She has always been a prominent name as an active member of welfare movements in India. As a candidate of Aam Aadmi Party in 2014, she received 8.9% votes and forfeited her deposit.

60岁的Medha Patkar是一名社会活动家和改革家出身的政治家,他被认为是著名的Narmada Bachao Andolan的创始人,拯救了古吉拉特邦的河流和人民。她一直是印度社会福利运动的积极分子。作为2014年Aam Aadmi党的候选人,她获得了8.9%的选票,并没收了她的存款。

8. Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi

The doughty Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi, 65, is a retired police officer, and the first woman officer, having joined the Indian Police Service in 1972. A former tennis player, the multi-talented social activist from Amritsar is credited for bringing down the number of crimes against women in West Delhi during her service among other contributions, and became the first woman UN civilian police advisor. She joined BJP in 2015. Read also; 10 most beautiful women armed forces.

65岁的Kiran Bedi是一名退休警官,也是第一位女警官,她于1972年加入了印度警察部门。一位前网球运动员,一位来自阿姆利则的多才多艺的社会活动家,因在她的服务中降低了在西德里的妇女犯罪数量而被认为是她的贡献,并成为联合国第一位女警察顾问。她于2015年加入了印度人民党。

7. Tessy Thomas


Influential Women of Modern India
1963-born Tessy Thomas from Kerala is a scientist at Defence Research and Development Organization, and is the Project Director for Agni-VI missile which was successfully tested in 2011. Often referred to as the Missile Woman of India, Tessy is the first woman scientist to lead a missile project in India. She was the associate project director of Agni-III, and Project Director of Agni-V.

1963年出生的来自喀拉拉邦的Tessy Thomas是国防研究和发展组织的科学家,他是Agni-VI导弹的项目主管,该导弹在2011年成功测试。Tessy经常被称为印度的导弹女子,她是第一位在印度领导导弹项目的女科学家。她是Agni-III的副项目总监,Agni-V项目总监。

6. Nirupama Rao

Nirupama Rao

Influential Women of Modern India
Nirupama Rao, 64, from Kerala, is the Indian Foreign Service officer and former Indian Ambassador to the United States, prior to which, she served for 2 years as the Foreign Secretary of India, the 2nd woman to head the Indian Foreign Service. The first woman spokesperson of the External Affairs Ministry, she has served as Minister of Press Affairs in Washington, and several such capacities.

64岁的Nirupama Rao来自印度喀拉拉邦,她是印度外交事务官员,前印度驻美国大使。在此之前,她曾担任印度外交部长2年,是印度外交事务负责人。她是外交部长的第一位女发言人,曾在华盛顿担任新闻部长,并担任过几次这样的职务。

5. Sumitra Mahajan

Sumitra Mahajan

Sumitra Mahajan
71 year old Sumitra Mahajan is the current Speaker of Lok Sabha, serving since 2014 after preceding Meira Kumar. This Indian politician from Chiplun belongs to the Bharatiya Janata Dal Party. She has been elected to the Lok Sabha eight times, and is the longest servicing woman member, besides being one of three members of the 16th Lok Sabha, where she is the eldest among women, to do so. Read also; World's most beautiful women politicians.

71岁的Sumitra Mahajan是Lok Sabha的现任发言人,自2014年Meira Kumar上任后就开始任职。这位来自Chiplun的印度政治家属于印度人民党。她曾八次当选为Lok Sabha的成员,并且是最长的服务女性成员,而且她是第16届Lok Sabha的三名成员之一,也是女性中年龄最大的成员之一。

4. Chitra Ramakrishna


Chitra Ramakrishna
1963-born Chitra Ramakrishna is the first woman Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of India's leading stock exchange National Stock Exchange. Other positions in NSE in her career include Joint managing director, Head of Listing and Deputy managing director, and director, Member of Derivatives Panel of SEBI and Member of Executive Committee at National Securities Depository Ltd.

1963年出生的Chitra Ramakrishna是印度主要股票交易所国家股票交易所的第一位女性董事总经理和首席执行官。她职业生涯中的其他职位包括:联席董事总经理、上市主管和副董事总经理、SEBI衍生品小组成员、国家证券存托有限公司执行委员会成员。

3. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Indian entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, 61, is the chairperson of Bangalore-based biotechnology company Biocon Limited. She is also the chairperson of IIM Bangalore, one of the leading business schools. She received the Othmer Gold Award in 2014. Forbes named her world's 92nd most powerful woman, and she features among Financial Times' top 50 women in business. Read also; 10 most inspirational CEO's of Tech world.

印度企业家Kiran mazumda - shaw, 61岁,是总部位于班加罗尔的生物技术公司Biocon Limited的主席。她同时也是著名商学院IIM Bangalore的主席。她在2014年获得了《奥赛玛》金奖。《福布斯》称她为世界第92位最具影响力的女性,她在《金融时报》的50位商界女性中名列前茅。

2. Chanda Kochhar

Chanda Kochhar

Chanda Kochhar
53 year old Chanda Kochhar is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank, India's largest private bank, and the overall second largest in the country. She heads the bank's Corporate Centre. The woman from Jodhpur is one of the leading ladies in India's banking sector, ranked world's 43rd most powerful woman by Forbes, and has led ICICI to win several recognitions. Read also; 10 self-made women Billionaires.

53岁的Chanda Kochhar是印度最大的私人银行ICICI Bank的董事总经理和首席执行官,也是印度第二大私人银行。她掌管着世行的企业中心。来自Jodhpur的这位女士是印度银行业的领军人物之一,她是《福布斯》全球第43位最有影响力的女性,并领导ICICI赢得了几项表彰。

1. Arundhati Bhattacharya


Arundhati Bhattacharya
58 year old Arundhati Bhattacharya is an Indian banker and the chairperson of State Bank of India, the leading public sector bank of India, the first woman to assume this position, preceding Pratip Chaudhuri and assumed office in 2013. The woman from Kolkata was ranked the world's 36th most powerful woman by Forbes, and was among FP 100 Global thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine.

58岁的阿兰达蒂·巴塔查里亚(Arundhati Bhattacharya)是一名印度银行家,也是印度国家银行(State Bank of India)的主席。印度是印度的主要公共部门银行,是第一位担任这一职位的女性,此前她曾担任过Pratip Chaudhuri,并于2013年就职。这位来自加尔各答的女性被《福布斯》评选为全球第36位最具影响力的女性,并被《外交政策》杂志评选为全球最具影响力女性。

The list of the influential women of modern India does not end here. There are several other women from different walks of life who hold the power to constantly inspire and influence the youth of India. Sports persons like boxer Mary Komm, badminton player Saina Nehwal, etc., Actresses like Madhuri dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Nadita Das or Shabana Azmi, writer Arundhati Roy, filmmaker Gauri Shinde, etc. do their bit to make nation a better place, every day. India has produced gems like Indra Nooyi, former Indian cricketer and current Chariperson and CEO of PepsiCo, who have gone out of the country and made massive contributions to the world. The nation has also welcomed and accepted women from other countries, like Italy-born Sonia Gandhi who is now the President of Indian National Congress, as its own. There are many other the influential women of modern India, some celebrated every day, and other who remain the unsung heroes. It is time to open our eyes, and change the perspective with which Indian women are perceived, at every level.

现代印度有影响力的女性的名单还不止于此。还有来自不同社会阶层的其他女性,她们拥有不断激励和影响印度青年的力量。像拳击运动员玛丽·科姆、羽毛球运动员赛尼娅·内瓦尔等,女演员们,如迪克西特、艾西瓦娅·拉伊、纳蒂塔·达斯或莎巴娜·阿兹米、作家阿朗达蒂·罗伊、导演高丽·辛德等,都尽自己的一份力量,让国家变得更美好。印度生产了像英德拉·努伊(Indra Nooyi)这样的宝石,前印度板球运动员,现任百事可乐公司(PepsiCo)的首席执行官,他已经离开了印度,为世界做出了巨大贡献。国家也欢迎和接受来自其他国家的妇女,如意大利出生的索尼娅·甘地,她现在是印度全国代表大会的主席。现代印度有许多其他有影响力的女性,一些人每天都在庆祝,还有一些人仍然是无名英雄。是时候睁开我们的眼睛了,改变印度妇女在各个层面上的看法。