BEC VANTAGE 听力训练啦,希望对备考的同学们有所帮助。 全文听写,英式拼法 情景商务英语每日19点更新,BEC中级每日9点更新。 点击查看大图 上一期BEC中级:【BEC中级】Ricky Bland采访(2/4) 点击查看大图 上一期情景商务英语:【情景商务英语】149 得到供货(二) 本节目订阅地址: 点击订阅更方便。 HINTS Joe Frank Sally George JG Consultants[!--audio--]Joe Frank here. Thanks very much for your letter. We're still very interested in this new software of yours, but we shall need a bit more time to consider, and perhaps some hands-on experience with it. So this next meeting of ours will be crucial. I hope the 19th is still suitable? Shall we expect you for lunch, before we get down to business at two o'clock as arranged? Hello Sally, it's George from JG Consultants here. Please get back to me on this as soon as you can. We're got clients who are involved in market testing one of their new products and want a meeting at fairly short notice to distribute information. It's for the 27th, two weeks' time. There'll be 48 delegates from three countries, so I'm afraid it will mean translation facilities and the usual video and sound equipment. Will this be possible? Thanks.