BEC VANTAGE 听力训练啦,希望对备考的同学们有所帮助。 全文听写,英式拼法 情景商务英语每日19点更新,BEC中级每日9点更新。 点击查看大图 上一期BEC中级:【BEC中级】Ricky Bland采访(2/4) 点击查看大图 上一期情景商务英语:【情景商务英语】149 得到供货(二) 本节目订阅地址: 点击订阅更方便。 HINTS the Finance Department[!--audio--]It seems curious that the set of products we researched and developed earlier this year isn't included. Management made a big fuss about the launch, a big party, with a lot of press interest, and then it turns out the designer didn't think our photographs were good enough to include, so the whole section stayed exactly the same as it has done for years. It's not going to create the impression we want, frankly. I think it's very worrying that we have spent such an amount on research, and we come up with a world-class product, and then things start going wrong. We're had quite a few customer complaints already about things like the quality of the maintenance we offer. And management is doing nothing about it. They point to all the other improvements and neglect what I regard as the most important part of our work. I was speaking to someone down in the Finance Department last week and they were talking about holiday allowance and flexible working, and I couldn't believe how different their allocations were. For the last few years, management have been saying how they were working for equality between departments, but I think a great deal more needs to be done. I think it's really bad for inter-departmental relations.