Leonardo DiCaprio can kiss his infamous bachelor life goodbye!


Since embarking on his eight-month romance with Camila Morrone, 21, the actor is finally ready to settle down. “They're very in love and serious,” an insider says of the couple. “They've talked about getting engaged.”


And though the model is 22 years his junior, the source adds the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star, 43, has “never loved a girl like this.” Not even Gisele Bündchen, whom he dated from 2000 to 2005. Says the insider, “Gisele wanted to get married and Leo felt he was too young at the time.”

尽管模特女朋友比莱昂纳多小22岁,知情人补充道,这位43岁的《好莱坞往事》男星 “从未这样爱过一个女孩” 。即便是吉赛尔•邦辰(两人在2000-2005年间交往),知情人说:“吉赛尔想要结婚,但里昂觉得当时自己还太年轻。”

Now he's up for it as he and Morrone are talking about a family expansion. “He’s ready to have kids,” the source says. As is she: “She loves having little kids around and wants to have kids with Leo,” the pal notes, “but she wants to get married to him first. She's very traditional in that way.”



While a wedding may not be happening anytime soon, the pair are enjoying spending time together. Adds the source, “Cami and Leo want to have fun and are very playful.”